Customer satisfaction is a key to success and a business goal for every brand – and if you’re reading this article right now it means you probably agree with this statement. While it is relatively easy to say, it is much more difficult to maintain and actually keep your customers happy and satisfied with services or products you provide. Today, we are going to show you a few useful tips and tricks to win your customers hearts and loyalty. You can easily apply them to your landing page strategy, too!

How to take care of customer satisfaction?

Hearing is not enough. You need to listen.

Stop treating feedback as your curse – take it as your blessing. Listening to your customers and meeting their needs or requirements, based on given feedback, is very essential and can be really beneficial for your brand. Just hearing some things is not sufficient as long as you don’t respond to them and may not work for your brand. It is essential to gather and process some feedback if you want to develop your company and increase customer satisfaction.

Be receptive or be nobody.

customer satisfaction

Response time is crucial in many industries. Don’t even try to disagree – no one wants and likes waiting for an answer. Put some focus on not only the quality of your answers but also on how prompt they are. If they are not quick enough, work on it or even consider hiring another person to help keeping customers happy in this way. The faster you reply the better job you do for your brand. Time matters pretty much everywhere, but in this particular case – even more. If you care about communication and its quality, Landingi may be a solution for you, as we offer a couple of integrations with some communication tools that can help your and your business. Adding some tools for your landing pages is really intuitive and easy (as you can see here), so why not to give it a try?

Be a human, not a machine.

In an era of marketing automation any kind of personalisation is warm welcomed especially in terms of customer satisfaction. While answering your customers questions or solving their complaints, try to show some human face instead of using some boring templates. Speak their language and try not to refer to company’s FAQ or, what’s worse, to company policy that is very often written in a language which is not the easiest to be understood.

Get to know your customers.

It’s worth knowing a bit more about your customers – not only in terms of CRM and tracking their activities, but also about a bit of personal side of them. You can surprise them with customized note or product for some special occassions – and therefore not only affect their customer experience and loyalty in a positive way (so much that they can become natural brand ambassadors), but also an overall review of your brand.

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Happy employee means happy customer!

In all this rush for happy customers don’t forget about your employees who provide (an excellent, we hope) customer service. If they are satisfied with what they do, they show some love and make people love your brand too. So, while you’re keeping an eye on providing the best quality of services to your customers, take care of people who provide it as well.

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An issue is important, but a customer is more important.

Never let an issue or problem overtake your customer and its needs as for its importance. If something got broken, don’t blame your customer or don’t imply that they used your products in a wrong way. Try to make their needs and remember that in the business it’s a customer who is the most important (and always right, too). It is always worth going an extra mile for customers and left them not only satisfied with a solution but delighted by customer service they experienced.

Build your brand awareness.

Great customer service should go in pair with great, high-quality communication that puts you in a perspective of an expert in the industry. Added value in content you share, in a form of e.g. knowledge base articles, tips, tricks, services updates and special offers can keep your customers satisfied, happy and loyal.

Keep organized

To make your customers fully satisfied, each and every part of your company should not only work perfectly fine but also collaborate with others. Keeping your customers happy depend not only on the quality of your customer service crew but also other departments such as those responsible for production (would they handle a particular number of orders?) or quality (are they really delivering the best quality?).

customer satisfaction

Measure & improve.

There’s not a single thing in the world that couldn’t have been done better. The same rule applies to customer service. Setting up some business goals, linked with customer service, as well as KPI, would help keep on track all efforts for making customer satisfaction grow. No place for sentiments here – as long as it is not an overall customers sentiment that could be measured e.g. by using surveys.

Make this journey comfortable for both.

If your customer comes with an issue on Facebook, try not to direct them and force to make a phone call or write an e-mail. They reached you on social media, because it is the most comfortable way for them to contact. Offer them some choices instead of one solution. Give them some information when the problem could be solved instead of keeping them in suspense with no answer from your side. Offer them services that you would demand from others.

There are many more factors you can take into consideration while thinking about your customer service and increasing customer satisfaction for your brand. We obviously recommend following our hints to make things easier, but don’t limit yourself. You can always master your brand in terms of customer service – and you should never stop if you want to achieve a real success, and be the lovebrand and an example to many.