111 Landing Page Examples – The Ultimate Guide

Last updated: July 24, 2023 Written by: Jerzy Żurawiecki

I’m quite certain that you already know what landing pages are all about, but if you don’t remember, let’s recap. It's a standalone page that has a single goal, with all the parts that are supposed to lead the viewer to fulfill it. As such, their conversion rate is much higher than the one of a website.

You may have seen them or even used them yourself. But in order to get the most out of them, it’s important to consider their differences in terms of the specific applications. Whether it’s the goal you wish to achieve or the industry you operate in, there are certain elements you must include if you want your conversion rate to be high. This post is just about that.

I’ve divided it into 10 of the most popular use cases and 19 industries, with at least 3 examples in each of them. All the examples you see here have been created in our own landing page builder.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go through the full list, no one is willing to scroll that much. I’m going to show you particular sections and shortly discuss each of them. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the best landing page examples for each use case.

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    Newsletter signup

    Lead acquisition through newsletter signups is the bread and butter of landing pages. In this case, it’s all about simplicity. Take a look at this landing page blueprint:

    newsletter signup landing page example

    You don’t need multiple sections here. Your selling point can definitely fit in the heading and the subheading. Add a smooth background and form, top it off with a contrasting CTA button to draw attention and you’re good to go.

    Sometimes, you might need to support your CTA box with some sort of incentive. What is the visitor going to get after signing up for the newsletter? Show that your offer is worth the visitor’s time, and the leads will come flying in. Just make sure it’s readable and pleasant to look at. An example? There you go:

    LP benefits after following CTA

    Of course, you can take this approach even further. Offer a discount or a free gift in exchange for signing up for the newsletter. You can put it anywhere on the page, but it will make the biggest impact if it’s somewhere in the beginning.

    Discount on a landing page

    Now that you’ve got your leads, what’s next? Their point is not to just be there, somewhere in the internet limbo. Having them sent out to the email marketing software you use is a nifty feature. Here’s what integration options look like in the Landingi platform:

    CRM integrations with landing pages

    Webinar signup

    Landing pages work very well in the context of a webinar. They are short enough to keep the attention, but long enough to include the most important information.

    In fact, the first part of the page is one of the elements you need to make sure is taken care of. It’s a fine line between being informative and wordy, but treading it is going to help you get more signups. The visitors of your landing page should have a feeling like they know everything about the event after a minute or less.

    Webinar form

    Another thing that is bound to keep your visitors on the page and encourage to give the webinar a shot is a video. You could write the most beautiful summary of the previous year’s event and most people wouldn’t look at it twice. Show it instead of describing it.

    Remember to keep it short – you can upload the highlight reel or go quickly through the event in total, but don’t test the viewer’s patience. Here is an example of a video embedded in the landing page:

    Video used on a webinar landing page

    It might be obvious to most, but you simply cannot forget about the form. Not just to include it in your landing page but also to make sure it is configured correctly. Be sure not to overwhelm the visitor with a large number of fields to complete. In this case, the viewer only has two fields to fill out, which is quick, easy, and gets the job done. The more time it takes to complete a form, the less likely it is to happen.

    a brief register form with two fields

    When you’re done with these two elements, there is one more trick you can use to convince the visitors to register. Add a timer that lets them know how much time they have to make a decision. Seeing a countdown provokes a reaction. Alternatively, you can use the timer to include a special offer. Not only are the visitors going to react to the time pressure, but they will also feel special, and therefore, appreciated.

    Webinar countdown timer – benefiting from time pressure on a landing page

    The organization of webinars tends to be supported by external software. Setting up the dates or the number of available seats in a given day can be done automatically. Why would you break that workflow on landing pages? Connect them with the right software (Calendly or HubSpot come to mind) and you can manage the event more effectively.

    Calendly Integration – setting up a meeting timeframe

    How to connect these two apps to the Landingi? Glad you asked. Here’s a guide for Calendly, and here is one for HubSpot.

    With these elements done right, your webinar should have no problem getting more leads than ever before without causing disarray in your planning.

    Sale of product or service

    It doesn’t matter if what you’re selling is a product or a service, buyers tend to make a decision based on what they see. Of course, the copy plays a huge part in this process, but we simply cannot forget about the visuals.

    What does that entail? First of all, the right landing page template. It needs to fit your offer, both in terms of the colors, as well as the overall look of the sections.

    selling landing page template

    Value proposition

    Sale LP testimonials

    offers on a sales page

    Secondly, the images you are going to include in your product landing page need to accurately represent the item. Think about it the way your potential customer would. What is it that they want to see? What is going to appeal to them the most?

    From a technical standpoint, it would be wise to have the page optimized for desktop and mobile. The size and placement of sections are going to differ, and some of them may not be crucial to include on mobile devices. Saving space is one of the cornerstones of landing pages, but the ones made for smartphones and tablets take it a step further. I’ll show you the difference on a random landing page template:

    desktop landing page view hero section

    desktop view – landing page section

    video section on LP

    website testimonials section

    Now, look at the mobile version of the page. The size of the sections is completely different because of the display rules for desktop and mobile devices. If you feel like you don't need certain sections on mobile, you can disable them in the platform. That way, your mobile landing page is shorter and easier to digest. Be careful with the selection of sections, though.

    Mobile landing page view
    LP video section – mobile view
    <center<company strnghts on the website

    testimonials on landing page – mobile version
    One section that often gets overlooked is the testimonials. There have been a lot of good examples that could have been a lot more effective, but they were missing an honest opinion of satisfied customers. Of course, managing space is very important here. Take a look at this example:

    Customers opinions as a social proof

    What makes it work is the right use of space in conjunction with the background image. Two short testimonials and a CTA button – you don’t need more than that here.

    Landing pages serve as a diversification of your promotional activities. But what about the online marketplaces where your products actually get sold? You can integrate your landing pages with shopping platforms, such as Shopify.

    What does that do? It gives you the option to sell products directly on a landing page. Here you can check out how to integrate with Shopify. The button takes you to a payment window. The smoother the process, the better, both for the customer and for you.

    Offer with a bright, clearly visible button

    When you do get a lead, don’t stop there. Strengthen your relationship with a newly-acquired contact. For instance, when you add a special discount for other products on a thank you page. Being proactive is much more likely to pay off than doing nothing.

    Sale thank you page

    Company presentation

    Start-ups and companies with short reach should definitely consider this case if they are after getting more exposure and, ultimately, more customers. The question is: how do you convey a lot of information in an engaging way and without taking up too much space? Just include a video. Visitors are more likely to watch a short video than read a description of a company.

    Company presentation page

    Once you’ve shown your visitors what you are about, it’s time to drive a different point home. What is it about your company that makes it a wise choice? A good landing page in this context simply has to include a Unique Selling Proposition. If you’ve used a video in the previous section, it is wise to stick to text here, so as not to overload the visitors with multiple videos and make sure the page is light.

    value propositions on a landing page

    Company presentation benefits

    As the old adage goes, the proof is in the pudding. For your company, the pudding would be the reviews of your current customers. That is why you should devote an entire section to testimonials. The rule of three works in writing and it should work here, too.

    clients' opinions persuading visitors on a landing page


    The goal of this landing page is to take the visitors somewhere else. As such, it needs to be short, and the CTA box has to be polished to perfection, along with the heading. Here is a handy blueprint you can follow when making your own sections.

    Click-through LP heading

    Aside from the CTA box, the heading also plays an important role. It gets the user’s attention, so it must make a great first impression. That is where your unique selling point is going to excel. Furthermore, consider the placement of this section. Having it in the center of the screen or slightly above is a good rule of thumb.

    Click-through CTA

    It’s worth mentioning that a click-through landing page can be a beginning of a sales or marketing funnel. In fact, the whole idea behind a funnel is to take the visitors through a journey of sorts. It entails going through various stages, with each one being clicked through to the next one.

    Clickthrough LP section

    Coupon download

    Every time you offer a discount, the customers know exactly what they get. But what do you get for doing so? Adding a coupon on a landing page or a popup can be done in many ways. You could release it for everyone who sees the landing page, but you could also do it in the form of gated content. This example can serve as an inspiration:

    Coupon download gated content

    The only way for the viewer to get the coupon is by entering the email address. Not only have you just received a new lead, but you can also surmise that this viewer is serious about making a purchase. Win-win.

    The thing about coupons is that they can be added on the landing page as well as on a popup. The latter choice is usually implemented when the coupon is treated as a last-resort option to get the viewers to convert, as seen in the following example:

    coupon offer on a landing page

    There are certain elements you need to address in the process of making a coupon landing page. First of all, the discount must be the center of attention as soon as the viewer opens the page.

    gift as an incentive on a landing page

    However, a discount itself may not be enough. The most important conditions should also be visible on the page. The point is for the viewer to be informed, but without the page being verbose. Just like in this case here:

    Landing page discount form
    Aside from the two elements mentioned above, your viewers should also be able to see why your offer is worth their time. A benefits section is going to feel right at home in this case:

    Coupon benefits


    A well-built recruitment landing page may work much better than the “careers” section if it contains everything the potential candidate needs to know. The job title and description, requirements, and benefits, with each having its own dedicated section on the page.

    Recruitment landing page section 1

    Recruitment landing page section 2 with required skills list

    A solution that works very well in terms of user experience is to show the whole recruitment path on the page. That way, the potential candidates know exactly what to expect in the next stages if they decide to apply for your job listing.

    Recruitment LP steps

    Make the page interactive and purposeful by adding the option to attach a CV in the form.

    Recruitment LP form
    Ideally, a recruitment landing page should be a creation that involves current employees as well. A couple of testimonials can show the company from a perspective that the HR department is not privy to.

    Recruitment landing page example

    Companies tend to use a set of employee testimonials on multiple landing pages. It's a great example of a situation where you can use smart sections. What's great about this feature is that you can apply one section to many pages at the same time, and when you make a change to it, all the pages where it's used get updated automatically.

    Ebook download

    The distribution of ebooks, whether it’s free or gated, has been done on landing pages countless times. What do you need to know about ebook landing pages? Let me tell (and show) you.

    The book is only as good as its author. A large group of readers is going to be drawn by the author’s name. And if they aren’t familiar with the writer, it’s up to you to change that.

    About section ebook download

    Now it’s time to put the ebook in the limelight. A short table of contents provides the outline, which might be one of the make or break moments for the reader.

    Ebook download contents

    Your landing page needs to answer a seemingly simple question: why? Why should the reader download it? What is the page’s visitor going to learn from it? Create a separate benefits section to provide answers. Take a gander at this landing page example:

    Ebook download benefits

    The final step is what happens after the CTA button is clicked. Here are some of your options in the Landingi platform. It can lead to a thank you page with the download link. You can have the button redirect to a URL of your choice, or send it in an email set up in the autoresponder.

    Ebook thank you page

    Coming soon pages

    Landing pages also serve a purpose in situations when your offer is not yet on the market. Here, the point would be to inform of the upcoming product/service/promotion/whatever and generate interest in advance. What’s the bonus? The ability to grow your newsletter list. These are some of the great landing page examples for the “coming soon” products and services.

    First of all, what is it? You need to put a lot of thought into a concise introduction of your soon-to-be-released offer. Outline the key features and benefits so that the viewers know what to expect in the near future.

    Coming soon landing page

    Coming soon LP key info

    Once the “what” part is done, focus on the next one. When is it going to drop? Oh, and don’t go the basic route of just typing up the release date in the subheading, that’s not enough. The fact that it is upcoming must be permeating through the page. Like here, for example:

    Coming soon timer

    A coming soon landing page is an opportunity to show something new to both your existing customers and potential ones. In order to capture the latter, you might need to bring out a special incentive. One of the more effective practices is to include a special discount coupon in the exit-intent popup. I’ll show you what it looks like:

    Event signup

    When you plan the content of the event signup landing page, you should follow what I like to call “the triple W rule”. It stands for “the what”, “the where” and “the who”.

    The “what”

    Obviously, the key info regarding your event will find its way on the landing page. However, it’s the placement that matters. Get started right away with the short, but informative description of the event in the heading and add a CTA box with a convincing button.

    Event signup information

    Do your visitors want to know more before signing up? Add another section with vital information about the event below the fold. You might want to mention the agenda while you’re at it.

    Event LP agenda

    The “where”

    The assumption is that the visitors of the landing page have no idea where the event is held. Create a section with the address and, to make things even easier, a map of the location. Embed a Google Map for maximum impact:

    Event LP map

    The “who”

    No, not the music band. When it comes to events, big names tend to bring out people in droves. The most notable guest speakers simply have to be mentioned on the landing page.

    Event LP main guest

    How else can you convince your visitors that your event is worth attending? By showing how successful the previous iterations were. Remember – showing is always going to work more effectively than telling. In this case, use a photo gallery or a video.

    Event LP video

    We’re almost done with the key features of event landing pages, but I would be remiss if I failed to mention the form here. Make it short and visible right away or put it at the very end of the page. Just keep in mind that if you do the latter, make sure you have a button in the opening section of the landing page.

    button in the opening section on the landing page

    signup button in the hero section

    Use Cases – Summary

    As you can see, each use case has its own set of unique qualities that require your attention. That is precisely why a case-by-case approach is strongly recommended. Not to mention the right template. Sure, there are certain common denominators, such as a CTA button, the copy or, in most cases, a form.

    But just like each business follows different rules, so do the use cases. Once you analyze the specific instance where your landing page is needed, you should have a lot more clarity in this regard.

    Now, I’d like to divert your attention to a wide range of industries that tend to use landing pages often, or those that should do that. Just like with use cases, each industry is going to feature at least three landing page examples.

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    One would surmise that each e-commerce branch has its own needs. That is true to some extent, but there are also certain elements or solutions that help convert in every type of e-commerce landing page.

    The first thing to take care of is visibility across all devices. Online shopping and advertising on smartphones are growing in popularity, so take advantage of it with a mobile landing page.

    Ecommerce mobile LP 1

    "about company" section on a landing page

    Ecommerce mobile LP with value proposition blocks

    testimonials on a mobile landing page

    Marketers have noticed long ago that it’s the images that make the most impact in terms of sales figures. As a result, most ads rely heavily on visuals. Landing pages should be no different. Don’t rely on the copy to do all the work. Pictures and text must coexist, just like in this example:

    copy coexists with pictures on a sales landing page

    Speaking of effective marketing methods of temptation, one that is tough to resist is a discount. Take advantage of that by including it on your landing page. It can be a special coupon that is sent to the lead after the page’s goal is completed or a link to the sale section of your store.

    Ecommerce landing page discount

    Landing pages and pop-ups go hand in hand, so if all else fails, there is still one more weapon in your marketing arsenal. I’m talking about an exit intent pop-up. Here is what this popup looks like:

    Ecommerce discount popup

    The key to its success is the right offer. It needs to eclipse everything the visitor has seen on your landing page by a mile. Otherwise, it’s just an annoying thingy that appears when they are about to leave the page.

    In other words, e-commerce landing pages should follow these rules: make it look good, make it compelling, and make it easy to experience for everyone.

    Non-profit organizations, training companies, schools, and colleges rely on landing pages to gather new members or clients. However, the customer journey is not a quick stroll from A to B – it takes time. That’s why the best approach is to start small.

    Education landing pages get the ball rolling with a few elements. The first one is the description. The aim here is to paint a picture of your offer. What is it about? Being precise and unique are two important qualities to consider here. Take a look:

    key points of the offer on a LP

    Next up, the benefits. Everyone knows that university graduates and trainees get a degree or a certificate and … what else? You need to show what the participants are actually going to learn. The section should look something like this:

    Offer's benefits listed in blocks on a LP

    With all that talk of mission and benefits, don’t forget what the ultimate goal is: to get people signed up for your service. The landing page serves as a launching point in the journey, but it’s an important one if done right.

    Those who see the value of your offer will want to either get to know more or sign up straight away. One way or another, the landing page has to contain a means of communication to take the journey further. It can be a contact form, such as this one:

    Education LP hero

    Companies that want to increase their newsletter base should definitely give something themselves first. An ebook or a whitepaper is the classic choice. The key here is to use a quid-pro-quo tactic. Look at this form:

    quid-pro-quo tactic in copy

    See? All the visitor has to do to get the ebook is enter a name and an email address. This is a win-win situation. You get a new lead and the visitor gets a piece of content they find interesting without paying for it. Of course, the book itself must provide value to the visitor. No one is willing to leave their email address for a bad piece of content.

    Software & Technology

    Tech products and digital marketing are a match made in heaven. This industry loves using landing pages to promote products and services. Why? Because it’s a tool that helps generate attention in a focused way. A large portion of tech landing pages is directed towards early adopters, as it’s the most coveted group of the industry. Here are some of the most popular solutions with a short explanation of why they work.

    While most industries use galleries to present products and services they offer, the tech world usually takes it up a notch in terms of the visuals. What’s better than pictures? Video. It captures attention better and for a longer period of time. The combination of aural and visual channels allows the visitor to digest more information.

    Software LP video section

    Most tech companies design landing pages to be cohesive with the look of their website. It does take a bit more than just adding your logo here and there, but it does pay off, as it gives the viewers the feeling of familiarity and security.

    landing page with a value proposition

    Landingi website

    In terms of features, the technology sector goes above and beyond standard practices. It does require out-of-the-box thinking, but it allows the page to stand out from everyone else’s. This approach requires the right environment, though. A platform that not only allows you to embed your own code but to make it simple. Like this:

    Software landing page example

    Speaking of out-of-the-box solutions on landing pages, one of the best ways of presenting your product is to show it in action. Let's say you want to show the whole website on a landing page. Just add a gif of your website. You can adjust the shape of the animation to the object that surrounds it, like in this example here.

    Tech landing page example

    Consulting & Coaching

    This is a branch of the industry that benefits from landing pages quite substantially. Part of the success is the fact that the entry point from the viewer’s perspective is very low. Either leave an email address for a newsletter or, and this is the more popular option, get in touch to become the client.

    In any case, what a landing page needs here is the Unique Selling Point. What is it about your service that gets the job done? How are you different or better from your competitors? All these questions deserve to be answered in a compact way. You know, short attention span and all.

    the "why's" section

    Aside from the heading and CTA, the absolute must in the context of this industry is the “about” section. Whether you’re a coach or a consultant, the visitors of your landing pages should be aware of who you are, what it is that you do and what you have accomplished throughout your career. All this information is crucial in building initial trust. Devoting an entire section for a brief description might seem counterintuitive, but it’s going to clear things for the visitors who have heard of you or your services.

    Consulting landing page section

    Now let’s discuss a different side of the landing page – what happens after the CTA button goes click. Now let’s discuss a different side of the landing page – what happens after the CTA button goes click. To make scheduling appointments easier, integrate your form with software such as HubSpot or Calendly. The end result should look like this:

    HubSpot integration


    Marketers use a variety of tricks and gimmicks to attract customers to the companies they work with. Some of those tricks are based on our subconscious preferences.

    There is a design element of your landing page that you need to take a close look at: the colors. Using the wrong color for the product might set off an unwanted reaction without the viewers even realizing it. Before you publish your landing page, research the meaning of colors.

    Make sure to test different visual combinations. To do that, use A/B testing. It involves comparing two landing pages with a single change. It can be something simple, like changing the color of your form, or something bigger, but the point is to test one difference in each session.

    A/B testing

    Another effective trick featured on landing pages is a countdown timer. Whether it tells you how much time you have until an event starts or a discount expires, it triggers the user to perform an action. Just like with a deadline at work, it’s an effective motivator.

    countdown timer on a LP

    Marketers are more and more eager to target mobile devices in their advertising actions. Mobile landing pages convert very well, so it’s only natural that it’s an avenue that is worth exploring. Here, you can see two versions of a product landing page: one is made for desktops, whereas the other is adjusted for mobile:

    desktop landing page

    Advertising LP 2

    You've seen the desktop version. Without optimizing it for mobile devices, the page wouldn't look right on a smartphone or tablet. Fortunately, thanks to a quick rebuild for mobile browsers, the end result is fully adjusted to the smaller environment:

    Advertising mobile LP 1

    Advertising mobile LP 3

    In the Landingi platform, landing pages are created in desktop and mobile versions. This feature makes choosing sections that are displayed on both versions much easier.


    One of the biggest challenges that marketers face when creating a landing page for insurance is to make the copy understandable. It’s the root of the success of your offer. Once you figure that part out, focus on the proper placement of your copy. Take a look at this example:

    insurance landing page

    All the key information is presented in the first two sections of the page. There’s a neat benefits section that conveys the important stuff without taking up too much space and time to read.

    Continuing with the theme of well-spaced information, I want you to think about the way you present multiple offers. How much space do you use? Are the offers side-by-side or on top of one another? There is no perfect solution, but check out this template and consider the layout possibilities:

    Insurance landing page section

    Let’s talk about the form for a second. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Do you need more than one? Not at all. However, you do need to make sure that there are multiple CTA buttons on the page and that each one takes you to the form. Just like in this example:

    Insurance landing page form

    There is only one form at the very top of the page, but all the CTA buttons placed lower take you to the form by scrolling up the page. Linking CTA buttons to the form is very useful and easy to do. Click on a button, go to its settings, and enter the URL of the form section.

    Hero section template with a value proposition


    The range of financial services is quite extensive, so in this section, I thought I would divide it into three categories and list some of the solutions that require the most attention.

    Banking services – the big ones

    This one is quite similar to the insurance landing pages, but you should add one more section here. Show the whole contact process so that the potential customer knows what happens after they click the CTA button. Here’s an example:

    Contact process on a website

    Online investment companies use bonuses to convince visitors to sign up for the service. When you add a timer to the section and create a special offer out of it, your chances of conversion increase.

    Finance landing page bonus

    Advisory services – the small ones

    Here, your focus should go towards two sections: the Unique Selling Proposition and the contact form. In other words, show why you are the best option and use the magic of technology to contact you or set up a consultation date that takes very little time. You didn’t think I’d leave you without some examples, did you?

    multisection on a landing page

    Finance landing page form

    Check out more examples of finance landing pages.

    Financial education: events, webinars, etc.

    When in doubt, follow the previously mentioned rule of the Three W’s: the what, the when, and the who. The next piece of the puzzle is the registration form. You only need one, but sprinkle the landing page with CTA boxes that lead right to it. And now, for the example you’ve been waiting for:

    Financial service LP

    Real Estate

    What do real estate landing pages need to succeed?

    First, take care of the images. Their quantity and quality might be the thing that makes or breaks the future deals. Make sure to include at least one photo of each room. Just like in this example:

    Real Estate landing page example

    Landing pages are supposed to provide visitors with all the crucial information in a digestible package. Let’s say you organize an open house and you want to advertise it using a landing page and get signups. Is the address going to be enough? You could say that it is, everyone knows how to use Google Maps. But making it just a tiny bit easier by embedding a map yourself can go a long way. This is what the section should look like:

    map widget on a landing page

    Last but not least, the form. Buying a house would require filling out hundreds of fields, but a landing page does not sell a house. It’s just a place where visitors get to know the offer and have the option to proceed further without being distracted. As such, the form should be as short as possible.

    simple contact form


    Firstly, let’s draw the line between sports products/services and events. The former category needs three sections to be effective: the information section, the testimonials, and a discount.

    Sports landing page section

    Sports landing page reviews

    Sports landing page discount

    As for the events, the three W’s and a signup form get you through the door of conversion.

    Sports event example 1

    Sports event example 2

    Sports event example 3

    Looking at these landing page examples, is there something that catches your eye? I can’t hear you answering because that’s not how this works, so I’ll tell you what I mean.

    I’m talking about the images and the fact that they have been shown in the context of their use. Whether it’s the product or the event, you see it in a real-life setting. This subliminal messaging is applied here because it has been known to work.

    Health & Beauty

    How to advertise health and beauty products using landing pages effectively? You just need to appeal to three different sides of the customer.

    The first one is the need to satisfy curiosity. You’ve piqued their interest with a gorgeous banner ad and now they want more. Oblige them with a section that shows the range of your products.

    Beauty LP gallery

    Then, reinforce your value by incorporating the reviews made by your previous customers. It is similar to word of mouth, albeit done by strangers, which diminishes its power. Don’t underestimate this section, though. You never know what gets your viewer to convert. Here is an example of the design of this section:

    Beauty landing page reviews

    As a final push, speak to the viewer’s resourcefulness. They’ve made it to the landing page, so they should feel like being rewarded. A sale or a coupon is going to do the trick here. Take a look at this example and decide for yourself whether it’s a sound idea or not:

    Health landing page discount


    In terms of the promotion of pharmaceutical products, landing pages are a solid starting point. A website with all the listed products and other distractors has a lot going on, and it doesn’t bode well for conversions.

    Landing pages are effective from the viewer’s perspective, too. For example, people looking for painkillers aren’t interested in everything a pharmacy has to offer. To make sure you respond to their needs, set up specific landing pages for various product categories to diversify your marketing actions. The CTA button should lead to the part of your website where this particular product group is sold, not the main page.

    offers on a landing page

    With landing pages that are supposed to take visitors to your main page, it’s very important to keep both pages cohesive in terms of design. It eliminates the sense of confusion and creates a smooth funnel.

    Health LP funnel

    thank you page

    The form can be adjusted to the goals you wish to achieve with a landing page. For pharmacies and medical professionals, one of the key features is definitely an autoresponder. Trying to increase the number of leads? Offer a discount for an email address in the form. Looking for new patients? Send an automated message with dynamic content to confirm the appointment after the registration.

    Medical clinics often fail to describe the services they offer on the landing page. Instead, they count on the viewer to find that info on their main page. That's not the right approach.

    The visitor should have a comprehensive idea of what kind of help they can get at your clinic, and with the landing page often being the first point of contact, it's great to provide a wide range of information about your medical services.

    Medical landing page section

    Games and Entertainment

    In the context of entertainment landing pages, video is the go-to move. It’s much easier to play a short clip than read a couple of paragraphs of text, even though videos usually contain a lot of written text, too. But instead of pointing this inaccuracy to your viewers, why not take advantage of it? Add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your landing page:

    The end result is going to look like this:

    video on a landing page

    With mobile ads becoming a digital marketing staple, it’s no surprise that landing pages get viewed on smartphones more and more frequently. The entertainment industry has embraced mobile devices early on, so if you want to make certain that you promote your products or services to the full extent, don’t forget about mobile landing pages. Just take a quick peek at an example of one:

    Entertainment mobile LP 1

    Entertainment LP example 2

    mobile landing page with a value proposition

    Both desktop and mobile landing pages need to be improved and verified in terms of conversion. How to make sure your conversion rate goes up instead of down? Use A/B testing. It might take a while to get enough views for credible results, but it’s certainly worth it.


    Advertising a publishing house on a landing page is best supported with some examples of the most popular or acclaimed titles that your publishing house has been a part of. Add a couple of book covers with a short description for each one to drive the point home. I’ve created a mockup as a source of inspiration:

    Publishing landing page example

    As a publisher looking for new talent, you would like to receive quality submissions from prospective clients, that’s pretty obvious. However, have you ever thought about the way these texts are sent? To make this process easier, add the option to attach documents in the form of your landing page.

    Publishing page form

    Now, let’s consider a different perspective. Let’s say that you are promoting your own book or ebook and your goal is to get more readers. What are some effective methods of advertising on a landing page?

    The first one is to offer a tangible incentive. In the case of a book, you might want to share the first chapter, or just the first few pages to get the readers interested and convince them to buy your book based on the merit of your work. For lead generation purposes, the free pages could be unlocked by leaving an email address in the form. Or, you could go all out and offer the whole ebook in exchange for a lead:

    Publishing hero section

    To piggyback on the idea of a free first chapter. Why not make this a start of a sales funnel that ends with a payment page? The final landing page should contain a PayPal button. The PayPal integration makes this very easy.

    PayPal integrated landing page

    Architecture & Design

    Both architects and designers have a lot to gain from using landing pages to advertise their work. One of the perks is increased exposure. By making a company presentation landing page, you give your visitors the chance to get to know your business. Show some of your previous work in a neat gallery.

    Architecture LP gallery

    Architecture LP section

    Of course, you can take it to the next level in terms of your presentation quality and engagement. While image galleries might be enough for some, a video background gives off a completely different feeling. Take a look and decide for yourself:

    Video background landing page

    form on a architecture landing page

    Home & Garden

    There are certain industries where testimonials are particularly useful, and this is definitely one of them. Sometimes, it might be hard to find the right review, but it is worth it. It shows that the products you offer are used in the real world. Here is a suggestion of what the testimonial section should look like:

    Home & Garden review section

    Don’t forget about social media. By creating a special landing page for your social platforms, you diversify your advertising channels and you can measure effectiveness in more detail. Hardly anything works as well as contests. Set up a raffle with signups generated on the social media landing page. The page is going to be short, with a clear outline of the rules and rewards. No testimonials needed here.

    Home landing page example

    One more piece of advice regarding your landing pages. No matter how many leads you’re getting, there is always room for improvement. But in order to find the untapped potential, you need to test different versions of your landing pages. A/B testing is the prime solution in this context.

    A/B test on landing page

    Hotel & Restaurant

    What do hotels and restaurants have in common in terms of landing pages? They rely on visuals very heavily. This feature plays into the landing page’s hand very well.

    For you, it’s an opportunity to present your place or food from the very best perspective. Having a gallery is simply a must-have in this respect, so be sure to include it and have it featured in a prominent place. The optimal space is right below the fold, as the section above that should be reserved for the CTA box and, if applicable, the form. Feature your own images in the hero section, too.

    Restaurant landing page

    Restaurant landing page gallery

    booking feature on a landing page

    Showing your visitors the location in an accessible way might help you score some points, too. This widget isn’t necessarily a conversion whisperer, but it does offer incredibly useful information. Adding a Google Maps location using custom HTML code should give you a result that looks a lot like this:

    Landing page custom map

    Now that you’ve shown your assets and you’ve made it easy to locate your place on a map, you need to make sure that your visitors can start the reservation process on a landing page. It’s a vital part of the page, and it’s still being overlooked by many. Here’s one of the options on the landing page:

    Landing page form section


    Car companies often create landing pages based on templates to reduce creation time and maintain visual consistency. Of course, that doesn’t mean all their landing pages are the same. With countless means of customization, each one has its own flavor.

    Automotive LP example

    car sales landing page

    When you publish a landing page and you know exactly when it’s supposed to end, why not take care of the start and finish beforehand? With a scheduler, you just set the start and end dates you’ve got one less thing to worry about. To make it even better, there is an option to redirect traffic to a different web address after the campaign ends.

    Another benefit of using landing pages is that it’s a quick way of creating an additional offer for select types of customers. Repeat customers, new social media followers or newsletter subscribers – all these groups might be the recipients of an exclusive deal.

    Automotive LP popup


    Event landing pages are mostly about one thing: registration. As such, having an appropriate form is key here, one without too many fields to fill out. Usually, there is only one form on the whole landing page, but it is supported by CTA’s spread around the page. Each CTA can be linked to the form.

    CTA linking

    Event landing page form

    Once the registration is complete, your job is not finished yet. That is when an autoresponder gets to roll in to either confirm the registration or continue the lead nurturing with an inclusion of a special offer.

    Of course, no event landing page is going to be successful unless you provide all the necessary details. The right approach is to treat the page as if it’s the very first time the visitor comes in contact with your event. What do they absolutely need to know right away? When you put yourself in the shoes of a newcomer, it is easier to conceptualize the whole page in terms of content.

    Event information


    Holiday-seekers view landing pages quite frequently, so it’s a good idea to implement them in your marketing actions. Here is what you need to pay attention to in the context of travel landing pages.

    First of all, the specificity of your offer. Let’s say you want to advertise trips to Italy. However, Italy as a country is rather diverse, so it’s wise to create multiple landing pages and have them stem from one general landing page. This approach gives you a more broad scope of specific offers to present to your visitors. You can go about it in a different way, too. Launch a landing page for a given country, and ask for more information to be provided in the form.

    Travel landing page example

    By approaching the form in a similar way, your visitors gain a much less cluttered box to fill out. Instead of using countless fields to complete, divide it into a few sections. Start with the most important info and move to more detailed questions with each step.

    Travel landing page 2

    Generally speaking, the idea of a click-through landing page is used very often in the travel industry. One of the most favored tricks is using the page to take visitors to the payment page. When you capture the attention of your viewer, it is wise to keep the momentum going and finalize the transaction.

    Travel landing page 3

    But before you start thinking about that, consider the visual aspect of the page. What does it really need to convert? High-quality photos, first and foremost. One thing to note here, use pictures that accurately capture the place, or you risk getting your holiday goers disappointed. Nip that in the bud and use actual images for your own good.

    Travel landing page example 4


    If you’ve read this far, you now know a lot more about landing pages in specific instances. Also, you are more determined than most, kudos for that. What is there to take away from this post? Aside from the fact that every industry has its own set of tricks to increase conversion, a landing page platform makes a ton of sense. Making a landing page that not only looks good but also improves the user experience would be much harder to do without the right tool. The same can be said about A/B testing.

    That’s the beauty of the Landingi platform. Templates make the design process much faster, sure, but if you have a knack for design, you can create a page without a template. The other technical aspects, such as integrations, funnels, or adding custom code in a neat and ordered fashion make this platform the real MVP.

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