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4 questions to PipelineDeals

November 25, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 2 min read

1. What does your company do?

PipelineDeals is a simple and useful CRM in the cloud. Our software makes it easy manage your leads and track your sales pipeline so you can close more deals. We designed PipelineDeals to make you and your team more productive. Our features deliver power to manage your sales process and learn from your data, without wasting your time with unnecessary complexity.

2. In what type of campaigns your company uses a landing page?

The market for CRM’s is large and there are many options available for sales teams. We use a variety of inbound marketing strategies to drive new leads to our contact page to sign up for a new trials. Whether we are using social media, SEO strategies or word of mouth, we are directing new leads to our landing page.

3. What effect you achieved thanks to landing page campaigns?

Our inbound marketing campaigns and simple setup process increase the number of new customers trying out our product. By increasing our free trials, we also increase the number of individuals converting to our paid service. An effective inbound marketing campaign will grow your business and increase your visibility in the market.

4. What tips you have for people who are planning to create Landing Pages?

A landing page should be simple and elegant, and your value proposition should be clear. When new leads sign-up for a trial account for PipelineDeals, we only ask for a name, email address and a password for the account. Moreover, the purpose of our company is clearly stated – PipelineDeals is a simple and useful CRM in the cloud. By limiting the amount of information that you ask up front, speeding up the time to trial, and removing clutter from your landing page, you will increase leads for your sales team.

David Baar
Customer Ambassador



Agata Rabsztyn

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