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5 mistakes on the landing page that will cause a decrease in conversion

January 14, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 5 min read

How to change a page’s visitor into a potential customer? Of course, there is no one answer to this question or a fully effective recipe. However, one may say that in order to manage to do it one should use the best measures available in order to convince our landing page’s visitor to take an action. What are these? As we can see, the questions abound, thus we have prepared a short guide about the most frequently occurring mistakes on landing pages that certainly prevent from gaining new conversions.

1) Lack of unique sales value

Unique sales value causes some problems as it is a term difficult to identify for many companies. Unique value is simply the main reason for which potential customers should buy a product from you. In other words, unique sales value is this “thing” that should distinguish your offer from the one proposed by competition. Formulation of unique value of the product is quite a troublesome thing both if it comes to a landing page as well as traditional websites. On many pages we frequently won’t find such information or even if we do, this information will not really be the one about distinguishing value. In order to find unique value of your product, think about:

Think about what you have that your competition certainly doesn’t. Try to conduct detailed research on how the competition speaks about their offer.

Look at your product not from your perspective, but from the point of view of the customer, e.g. so what you offer olive creams imported from Spain if the customers don’t really care about where the creams actually come from.

2) Too many CTAs

Avoid making the users realize a few aims on one landing page, that is try not to place a few Call to action buttons. Why? It is understandable that you want the customer to sign up for the newsletter – everyone wants to collect as many leads as possible. It is also obvious that it will be even better if the visitor takes this opportunity to also use your offer and buys the proposed product. Such a course of action would be possible if your potential customer was a perfect customer or a robot controlled by your mind. However, placing a few CTA buttons might lead to disruption of the hierarchy of their importance and as a consequence to a reduction of the number of conversions. You will avoid such a situation if you formulate one goal that you want to reach, e.g. getting a discount coupon only, purchasing a specific product only or signing up for the newsletter only. In accordance with the rule that the CTA button should be the most distinctive element on your page, by adding a few buttons you will make all of them undistinguished.

3) A user-unfriendly page

This point seems obvious. However, think about how often you happen to see websites that conflict with your intuitive actions. You must have given up some online purchase once because a) after finding a page you couldn’t find what you were looking for, b) the procedures weren’t clear for you. Users are not as determined as to look for a product on one website to the bitter end and they usually choose the shorter way of reaching it – that is they will go to the competition. Navigation on the page is of the utmost importance. You must know this feeling when at your most often visited supermarket the arrangement of products is changed and suddenly you can’t find your favorite cereal. A similar feeling will experience a customer that hits “Contact” and finds no contact data.

4) Lack of CTA

Give the users a clear message telling them what to do on your page, that is what action they should perform. Additionally, inform them about what specifically they will get after clicking on the CTA button and where they will be redirected, too.

5) Lack of reasons for trust

Sale is connected also with building trust. Enumerating the most important values and assets of a product is only the first step towards building trust in the group of your customers. How to build trust? The best way is to add a few comments of satisfied customers, information about certificates or icons of forms of payment and safeguards.

We all care about gaining as many conversions as possible, that is why it is worth focusing on mistakes that sometimes happen and trying to eliminate and correct them if possible. In order to find the best solution one can apply A/B tests. If you have any ideas on how to increase conversion indices – we’re waiting for your opinions 🙂 

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Paulina Kamińska

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