7 types of headlines that will make creation of the landing page easier

February 25, 2014 4 min read Written by: Avatar Agata Rabsztyn
Table of contents
Table of contents

The headline, as an integral part of the landing page, has many functions. First of all, it should attract the readers’ attention. A carefully chosen headline can reach a selected group of potential customers, be engraved in their memory or even make them avail themselves of the offer. Its major task is also to specify the category of the product that the advertisement pertains to. The headline, along with its illustration, constitute the first element that focuses the readers’ attention. Therefore, it should be used as a form of introduction to further content. It needs to be interesting enough to make the viewer want to stay on our landing page. How to do it? It was once said: “Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising in the world.” Creating a good and high quality headline should be the aim of any copywriter that wants to be successful. We’ve prepared a short list of the types of headlines that will help achieve this aim.


On account of many functions that they can have, we can distinguish between the following:


  • the benefit-driven headline,
  • the information headline,
  • the attention-grabbing headline,
  • the news headline,
  • the emotion-based headline,
  • the command headline,
  • the brag headline.


1. The benefit-driven headline


Benefit-driven headlines refer to the advantages that one can obtain by making a purchase. They invoke self-interest in the reader. The headline that offers something that the viewers crave will make them find the time to stay on the page.


2. The information headline

The information headline, as its name indicates, gives some information. Such headlines are used mostly in order to present some new applications and improvements of products, or to show products currently entering the market.

3. The attention-grabbing headline

Another form, the “attention-grabbing” one, refers to a headline that intrigues. It makes the viewer linger over the advert longer when he or she has the time to review its next elements. It then uses the viewer’s interest in order to encourage him or her to read the text of the ad.

4. The news headline

The headline that indicates some novelty increases effectiveness of the advert, as in the age of an enormous number of various products customers look for newer and newer solutions.

5.  The emotion-based headline

In turn, emotions are used in the headline to present products that are advertised more effectively with use of feelings. A headline marked with emotions sometimes also happens to be an introduction to rational arguments contained in the further text.

6. The command headline

Another type, that is the command headline, uses suggestions to tell people what actions they should take. The unconventional form singles out one characteristic of a given product, the one that the reader did not expect, and thus it stimulates curiosity.

7. The brag headline

The last type of headline – the “brag,” frequently contains words such as “the only one,” “unique,” “special,” which put the product on a higher shelf as compared with the competition.


An appropriate choice of the headline should be suited both to the contents of the message, as well as the target group of the advert. Then it is able to get across exactly the thing that its readers would like to see.

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