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Are you and your landing page ready for Valentine’s Day?

January 22, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 4 min read

61.8% of consumers in 2013 declared that they would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and $13.19 billion was spent on this occasion on American markets. Thus it is good to take advantage of the Valentine aura and not only reach out to the customers’ expectations, but mostly use this occasion to distribute your offer, gain new contact data as well as build positive relations with your customers. The landing page will be one of the tools that can be used in your Valentine campaign, directing various sources of movement to it.

Prepare your landing page with one aim in view

Every landing page should have one specified goal. Therefore, if you are planning on using the landing page in your Valentine campaign, prepare it in the way that will make it focused on one offer, e.g. sale of a product. Preparation of the landing page with one goal in view will make it easier to have a potential customer realize the action you want them to. An advantage of such a landing page will be also a possibility to direct your offer to the right target group more precisely.


Direct various sources of movement to the landing page

You can direct movement from various sources of the campaign to your landing page: from advertisements in Google search engine, from Facebook advertisements, using e-mail marketing as well as remarketing. What is important is to prepare distinct landing pages for various sources of movement. It will enable you to control the course of the campaign from particular sources more effectively as well as collect results and suitably optimize the campaign.


Ideas for using the landing page for Valentine’s Day

The landing page can be used for proposing special discounts and offers to your customers, e.g. “Receive a 30% discount for a gift for your beloved.” You can also create a bookmark on Facebook under which you will place the elements of your Valentine offer. Special offers and discounts, especially those dedicated to your steady customers, can be viewed as a nice form of saying thank you for a long period of using your services.

One of the ways of using your Valentine landing page is offering your customers purchase of a gift voucher. Such a form will solve dilemmas of more than one undecided customer, who must have keyed in “valentines day what to buy” in the search engine before this date more than once.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to show yourself at your best, building good PR for your company. Therefore, you can prepare special contents dedicated to your users. Those can be e.g. a complimentary catalogue with a Valentine offer or an interesting e-book to download – depending on the business that you run. You can also go further and record a video with Valentine wishes for your customers and put it on the landing page.


All you need is love… create Valentine atmosphere!

Suitably stimulate the viewers’ emotions, creating or choosing the best tailored template for Valentine’s Day. It is important that your offer be placed in the special atmosphere of the day, which will make for taking a decision by a potential customer. Make sure that texts and graphics placed on the landing page also match the overall context.


Valentine’s Day, in spite of voices of its opponents, has made a stay in consumers’ consciousness. Especially in e-commerce business it is undoubtedly one of the hottest periods during a year. The landing page is a simple tool that you can use both for sales goals as well as building positive relations with the customers.

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Paulina Kamińska

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