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October 4, 2013 5 min read Written by: Avatar Agata Rabsztyn
Table of contents
Table of contents

Trust is the basis for good relations and the most important factor that influence on the decision of customers. Unfortunately lack of direct contact on the Internet significantly limits the confidence. Many users still do not trust online transactions and are afraid to make a purchase or put their details online. Therefore, when struggling for attention of recipients you should focus on the elements that build the credibility of the company. This allows to create a specified recipients opinion, which will help them to make decision and motivate them to specific actions.

1. Logo

The basic element that increases the credibility of the company is logo, therefore it cannot be missing on the landing page. It is a sign, by which users identify the company, so it additionally builds brand recognition. Logo proves that the action is for a specific company, so it gives a sense of security. It should be placed on the landing page in a visible place, in that way the recipient could immediately see who is the author of the offer.

2. Awards

If the company succeeded in any way – it needs to show it off! Highlighting statues, certificates or distinctions additionally confirm the competence and professionalism, which shows the company as reliable. Remember though, to present only real rewards. Otherwise, you will achieve a different effect and expose the company to ridicule. It is not easy to deceive customers, and once lost confidence will be very difficult to regain.


3. Social Plugins

If your brand is active in social media, highlight it on your landing page. Plugins allow sharing information on social networks, not only facilitate the sharing of the content, but it also shows how many people have already shared the information with their friends. Accesses indicates the number of people satisfied with the offer, therefore the higher number the more attention message is worth. Reliability is also raising by posting facebook plugin – Facepile, which shows profile pictures of Fans. Presenting real users who are supporters of the brand, confirms the authenticity of the message. Showing the number of people, with whom you have managed to make online relationships, is another form of the social proof of correctness on landing page. Under the influence of the group it is easier to make a decision.

4. Realisations (Projects)

Convince potential customers about professionalism by posting the results of your work. Presentation of final products or brief case study of the service done introduce the effect that recipients can get. The numbers work effectively on perception, showing impressive results that have been achieved. You will build competitive advantage.

5. Safety

The problem with making a decision about an offer is often due to uncertainty. No direct contact causes some risk. Think, what can raise anxiety among potential clients and look for a solution that will eliminate it. Calm recipients by adding e. g. information on shipping cost, forms of payment, guarantee. These small details complementing an offer are expected by recipients.

6. Testimonials

People unsure of their decisions, are likely to take them influenced by the choice of others. Opinions are treated like a guideposts, which help making the decision. This phenomenon, called the social proof of correctness is worth to be applied on the landing page. Post on the page comments of your satisfied customers, which briefly describe impressions after using the offer. Try to include in their content not just the general admiration, but also valuable information. By the presentation how the product/service solved a problem you will trigger a desire in a potential customer. Make a message more reliable by adding a photo of the comment author. Photographs of smiling characters pay more attention of recipients and raise more confidence. If you act in the field of B2B  you can replace opinions by references.

7. Social responsibility of business

Many companies include in their strategy the social responsibility of business. This concept is now very popular and appreciated by aware consumers. Each social proactivity, charitable or environmental, gets the company in a positive light. So if you additionally act in this field, try to post such information on the landing page. You will build the image of a friendly and conscious company, worth investing in.


Try to equip your landing page with at least one of the above confidence building elements. It is an effective motivator for interested, but not determined yet recipients. Calm customer feel safer and is more likely to make use of the offer. The more confidence you build, the more conversions you get. It will also help to get positive opinions about your company and offer, which will be rewarded in the future.



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