Copy on a landing page is often the first thing that a visitor sees upon encountering such a page. A marketing slogan at the top, often next to the form, also placed in the first section – that’s how the design looks most of the time. But, how to write copy so a landing page can be effective and sell more?

How it’s done

When you work with text, you have to think about how to write and, maybe more surprisingly, how not to write.

When considering copy for landing pages, it should be:


A landing page is a marketing tool that has to reach people at least partially interested in the offer. You can’t waste time on complicated arguments. A marketing slogan, a short paragraph backing up the truthfulness of its claim, a short paragraph with social proof, a Call-to-Action (CTA) button. This is how it’s supposed to be – short and sweet.

Based on benefit

And speaking of “sweet” – copy should also be concrete and backed up with benefits. Don’t focus on the features of a product or a service. Write about what the visitor will gain by signing up for a newsletter or downloading an ebook.

Copy on a landing page should be concrete and backed up with benefits. Don’t focus on the features of a product or a service.

Imaginative (it can also be funny, to a degree)

Can you stay awake in a theater for an hour and a half? Surely, the answer would be “yes”. What about 15 hours? When thinking about copy, you have to think like that – interesting associations, a CTA, stimulating the imagination.

Formatted in a presentable way

Break the text into smaller chunks. A short paragraph after a short paragraph. If you have to underline something and you have a pool of short phrases, benefits, features, then use bullet points. The text must be clean no matter if it’s a little bit longer or there are only two paragraphs on the entire page.

Filled with numbers

The human mind likes numbers. They fill the world with certainty, help to adjust to difficult situations, help with comparisons between two different offers and inform about product. Use numbers, seriously.

Informative (what will happen, if I click this button?)

No one likes the moment when he or she doesn’t know what to do. How to pay for something on the Internet when I just came across this payment method? How to change a setting in a new app? What will happen if I click this button on a landing page? The copy on a landing page should first of all answer the question: “What will happen if I interact with it?”

This can be taken two ways: literally or more creatively. If a landing page is for a free ebook download, then the button with the CTA should have a phrase that looks like “Download now”. A visitor will know what will happen. But it’s not the only way. If the ebook is dedicated to effective money saving, you can post a text that reads “Start saving”. The second method is a little bit more risky, since less experienced users can leave the page not knowing what to do or where to go. You have to pay attention when using this method. Take a look.


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