Create a landing page. Why do you need it and how can you use it?

October 11, 2017 5 min read Written by: Avatar Kinga Odziemek
Table of contents
Table of contents

Does your company, product or service need to create a landing page? Especially if you already have your website? What can be the use of a landing page? There are no universal answers for these questions, but maybe this article will persuade you to invest some time, effort and money into a landing page that can work wonders for your brand and sales.

Why is it worth setting up a landing page for your product or service?

  • a landing page can play a role on your website but also be a dedicated site for a particular offer. It allows you to highlight what you’ve got – and this would be much more difficult if you had only a website for promotion.
  • it saves money and time – to create a simple landing page you need no programming skills, IT department nor knowledge. In thanks to an intuitive Drag & Drop creator and icon & font library, making your own landing page is rather a pleasure, not a pain.
  • adverts leading to a landing page can be much more effective and can bring about better results than those directed to a general company website
  • an user can take a desirable action more smoothly – they don’t get lost on a website full of unnecessary information and they get an offer immediately
  • the analysis of effects is quicker and easier as it connects with particular offers
  • you can integrate your landing page with many external tools, apps and systems

It is actually a landing page that takes over the role of the company page that brands don’t want or can’t be proud of. Thanks to putting a particular offer on a dedicated landing page, the user’s decision process is shortened and they save a lot of time.

At you can create a functional and intuitive landing page, using many templates designed according to UX standards to ensure the highest possible conversion. Additionally, thanks to applying some integrations, your landing page can be used for many more purposes.

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What can you create a landing page for?

  • event signup. This kind of declaration, additionally confirmed with some selected elements (e-mail or phone number) is more trustworthy than the one given on social media. Also, having some more details about each and every event attendant as well as having their permission to use these details for marketing purposes gives you some marketing opportunities (by using sms reminders or sending some materials via e-mail afterwards)
  • webinar signup – thanks to using landing pages the estimation of attendants may be easier and more precise. Create a landing page (and promote it on social media) to gather some new signups.
  • coming soon. Landing pages can play the role of a “replacement” if the website is not ready yet or… if it is not going to be created at all. Landingi offer a variety of templates ready to use, also with a “counter” – if you know your launch date, the special mechanism can count down days, hours, minutes and seconds to that moment. In meantime, you can start collecting your visitors’ mails to make some first contact and announce the launch.One of example of templates dedicated to “coming soon”:

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  • e-book download – e-books are one of the most effective methods of collecting valuable leads and although preparing them takes some time, it pays off.  A landing page is a way of e-book redistribution, where users can get what they’re seeking for by leaving their e-mails.
  • recruitment – tabs such as ‘career” or “job offers” on many company pages can rather put off than attract some new employees. Using landing pages for recruitment process, showing a career path and opportunities, and collecting CVs is an increasingly more popular practice of many companies and employers.
  • special offers – sale and coupons. A landing page can be an ideal place for distribution of some special promotions and offers. Thanks to a simple analytics at a glance you can check your conversion and how it reflects on sales. Also, you can share some better offers for leads and therefore build a mailing base for further activities and marketing purposes. Create a landing page and test it out!
  • company presentation – building of your own website is a time-killer, and also it can cost a small fortune. No wonder that a lot of companies resign from websites and decide on extended social media activity or use intuitive landing pages. A landing page with a company presentation can show some offers, services, testimonials and recommendations, contact forms or even video (according to Eyeviewdigital study using video on your landing page can increase conversion up to 86%)
  • newsletter signup – classic! A quick encouragement to sign up for a newsletter should go along with some added value offered for a lead. (e.g. a free e-book to download). This ensures a high conversion and effective building of a mailing base.

Our customers still amaze us with their ways of using landing pages for their business. How do you roll with it?


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