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Landingi Roadmap – the way you keep yourself updated

July 4, 2019 Sylwester Karnuszewicz 4 min read
Sylwester Karnuszewicz

“Are there any new pop-ups planned?”

“What are you up to in Q3?” 

“When will the landing page folders appear?

These and many other questions we find in our mailbox continuously. It is crucial for us to keep platform updated with new features. Till now, we were operating on the basis of an internal work schedule, but now we have decided to share our plans for the future with you. For this purpose, we have created a publicly available roadmap, where you can follow upcoming changes in our platform, planned launches of features and sign up for notifications about brand new functionalities! Meet the public Landingi Roadmap!

„What exactly a roadmap is?”

The public roadmap is a graphic presentation of incoming changes. It will help our customers and people interested in Landingi platform to check in which direction product they use, or intend to, develops.

In addition to the list of changes, the roadmap can be updated with short descriptions of planned enhancements and approximate dates of their implementation.

From now on, all the answers to questions similar to those at the beginning, will be posted in one place. What’s more, public Landingi Roadmap allows you to sign up for notifications – you can be sure that you’re not going to miss a single update.

“What’s the next waypoint on a roadmap?”

At this moment, our roadmap consists of 5 waypoints – the first one will be released this month!

“When will the new tool appear?”

We are just about to launch URL Builder – our tool created to track marketing campaigns more effectively.

How it works? Well, it is very simple: paste the link into our tool and add appropriate parameters. Using Google Analytics we are able to get more information from links, acquiring very precise and detailed campaign effectiveness data.

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“New popups – are they coming soon?”

Advanced pop ups is the next feature on the list of upcoming changes. We will offer extended popups functionality – exit intent, various triggers – and the ability to use them independently of the Landingi platform (i.e. on your own website) due to to the custom generated JS script.

“Will the platform make landing pages grouping possible?”

We are aware of how much the landing pages grouping could affect the organization of work, which is why we have made this one a priority on our list. We are working on the possibility of creating landing page folders, naming them and sorting their content in a very intuitive way.

“Any plans to implement funnels?”

We realize that creating sales funnels is a feature highly demanded by users. That is why we want to implement a possibility of simple redirections configuring, so you can connect several landing pages together and collect data from various forms, combining them in one lead.

“What other changes will you implement?”

This is definitely not the end of novelties that are coming your way. In the next few months we would like to introduce Smart Sections – separately designed landing page sections, which can be implemented on selected landing pages. Every change will automatically appear on each one containing this particular section.

Do you want to know more about new products in Landingi platform? Read more and be up to date with every new feature.

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Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Sylwester Karnuszewicz

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