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How to create a domain with potential?

November 29, 2013 Paulina Kamińska 6 min read

A well-chosen name of the domain will be a prominent symbol of your company, thanks to which your clients will remember it forever. Choosing the address under which the page will be found on the internet turns out not to be an easy task, quite the reverse, it can prove to be arduous and frustrating. On the one hand you have to try to forestall the competition and seize the suitable name. On the other hand, addresses are hunted for also by domain investors.

An inappropriate choice of the name for your domain may lead to a situation when finding your company on the internet is a problem for clients. This can negatively affect your finances. An attractive and easy to remember domain is also a means of building clients’ awareness of the brand, which in the future will translate into an overall success of your company. Therefore, it is worth spending as much energy and time on this task as possible.

The domain name – how to choose it?

You should treat the domain like well-selected clothes. It is best if the name of the domain perfectly suits your company and is “comfortable” to bear. The name needs to be appropriate for the thing that your company deals with. For instance, if you produce T-shirts with prints it is worth looking for something less general than e.g., as such a name matches many companies manufacturing T-shirts as well as a number of other products. Companies frequently use a popular pattern of However, it is worth remembering that when the name of your company does not directly suggest what you actually deal with, the address might be of little help for your potential client.
If you have a problem choosing the name of the domain, it is good to first write down the words that are associated with your business activity. It is important that net surfers, even if they do not really remember the name of your domain, are able to match it intuitively. Bear in mind that the name should also be easy to pronounce as well as to understand. It will definitely help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Length of the domain

Long names are in principle difficult to remember, so try to avoid them. It is best if the name is composed of maximally two segments/words. In other words, the shorter the internet address, the better. Along with the number of words in the domain the risk of making a mistake increases as well. Additionally, a long name can be also difficult to remember. However, if you decide to use a longer name for the domain, it is worth making sure that it is catchy and does not require the user to spend much time keying it in the browser.

A long name of the company – maybe use an acronym?

In some cases using an acronym is a good solution. Such tactic proves effective especially in case of well-known institutions, such as Polskie Koleje Państwowe (the Polish State Railways). In this case the user will intuitively key in However, remember that not only will too complicated acronyms be difficult to remember, but they can also confuse the user.

Choosing the extension

Another thing that has to be decided on before you create the name of your domain is choosing a suitable extension. Seemingly the extension may come across as an insignificant element of the domain, however, such an approach is incorrect. The choice of the extension is actually of crucial importance for further functioning of the domain on the market. The most popular extension in Poland is of course .pl as well as .com. Such a choice is not only suitable due to popularity, but it is also the safest. Net surfers looking for your domain will intuitively key in the most obvious extensions. Remember that each extension carries a different meaning: “.com” stands for commercial, “.info” suggests existence of an information base, and “.org” is used mainly by non-profit organizations. Treat the extension as another piece of information that you give to your clients. For instance, the address clearly indicates where the hairdresser’s salon searched for by the user is located. (*waw – Warsaw)

Special characters and the hyphen

Although registering names of domains with special (e.g. Polish) characters as well as with the hyphen (-) is possible, try to avoid it if it is not necessary. First, it will make keying in the address easier for the users that do not have a keyboard with special characters. Second, one should bear in mind that net surfers are used to keying in names without them. Although one should generally avoid special characters in names of domains, it is worth having two versions of the name in order to avoid analogical addresses leading to two different portals, e.g. www.śnież and


A subdomain is an internet address belonging to the main domain. Subdomains are used mostly in order to differentiate between two parts of the portal, e.g. when the main address of the company is, the subdomain might be or Creating the landing page one should remember about adding suitable subdomains. Their names should be short, e.g.,

In conclusion, if you are in the process of inventing the name for your domain, remember that it should be short and easy to write. What is most important, make sure that the name of your domain has potential and is easy to remember for your potential clients.

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