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How to increase sales? Increasing sales with landing page

October 17, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 7 min read

How to increase sales in online store?

Creating an online store can be divided into two stages:

1. Technical Issues
a) design and construction of a website,
b) organization of suppliers, couriers, payment and service shop,
c) introduction of products.

2. Sales optimization
a) conversion optimization (landing page),
b) positioning,
c) building relationships with customers.

Despite appearances, the technical aspects are the easy part. This can be done fairly quickly – but unfortunately the “finished” shop will not be noted visitors nor sales.

Increasing sales

Sales optimization is an ongoing process – and if it is made with the head, it can give great results. To increase sales, care must be taken simultaneously of two factors:

The purpose of an online store is to attract as much as possible so called good traffic – it means users actually interested in the offer and purchase. If these kind of users already visit the shop, you need to persuade the greatest part of them to buy.

Poorly made online store will not provide the income, even if it is visited by thousands of customers. Therefore, You need to take care about increasing traffic and increasing conversion simultaneously and equally.

Conversion Optimization = landing page

Laymen may think that home page is the most important thing of online store. The most important are the product pages. This is where internet users get directly from Google and price comparison sites. Well-made product page should be sufficient to achieve the goal – the sale.

Ideally, the client should carry out the entire process of purchase on one site – without browsing categories, login or adding to the basket. Such a self-sufficient page is called a landing page (destination page). Landing page are ideal to increase sales, optimize marketing campaigns and positioning.

Each internet shop should have a lot of landing pages. It can be added at any stage of functioning of any shop by applications.

How to increase conversion on a landing page?

Here are a few key principles:













Agata Rabsztyn

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