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How to increase the conversion rate?

May 6, 2014 Rafaela Acar 4 min read

Conversion and conversion rate

The purpose of a website is always some benefit – attracting customers, sales, publicity. To achieve it, you must induce the user to perform a certain action, which is conversion.

Conversion may entail:
• purchasing a product,
• filling in a form (e.g. providing contact details),
• creating an account,
• signing up to the newsletter,
• downloading a file (e.g. with the catalogue of products),
• clicking a button (e.g. partner link for which we get commission).

Of course, not all the users will opt for purchase. The percentage number of users who you convince to do this is the conversion rate.

Conversion rate=number of conversions/total number of users

How to increase the conversion rate?

The following things have a positive impact on the conversion rate:

• Consistency with advertising – it is necessary to keep the promise given to the customer in your advertising – place an identical advertising slogan in the heading and add 2-3 benefits which will enhance your customers’ impression of coming across a great opportunity below.

• Graphic and psychological stimuli – Use elements suggesting the exceptionality of your, time limitation or promotional nature of your offer – It may look like something cut out directly from a big-box store leaflet, but it will allow the conversion rate grow.

• Transparency – A single glance will have to be enough for your customer to realize that your offer suits him. Write briefly, concisely and make sure there is much space on your website.

• Focus on the conversion button – Your customer has to be convinced that the benefits you provide are at his or her fingertips – that the only thing he or she needs to do is to click the button. For this reason, the conversion (call to action) button must stand out – you can additionally highlight it with an arrow or post a picture of the person looking at it.

• Solving your customer’s problems – your website must provide your customers with specific, worthful and easy to use solutions.

• Unique value – Prove your customer why your offer is the best around. Post a list of your advantages over the competition.

• Selling the benefits – Your message should be emotional and focused directly on your customer. Instead of listing the functions of your product, list the benefits your customer will get and how his or her life will change because of them.

• Large fonts and numbers – Your headings should especially attract the attention and clearly communicate the benefits. Use numbers that can be imagined easily and post them as digits, rather than words.

• 2 conversion buttons – Place one conversion button at the top – it will be clicked by people who like quick action and whom you have convinced straightaway. Other people need additional information. Provide them with additional arguments, present them with a list of subsequent benefits and then slip the second conversion button under the cursor – in the middle of or at the bottom of the landing page.

What reduces the conversion rate?

The following things have an adverse impact on the conversion rate:

• Complicated forms – Many spaces mean a lot of time that one has to devote filling in the form as well as many opportunities of making a mistake. The form should suggest that it is easy to fill it in.

• Multi-step purchasing process – If the process order consists of many subsequent steps, some users will resign from completing it at each stage – the abandonment basket rate will grow and the conversion rate will drop.

• Insufficient esthetics – The landing page should look professional. Using your website must be convenient. The website should be esthetic, convenient and straightforward – get rid of each unnecessary element from it.

• Lack of trust – It is worth securing the seals of approval, guarantee or credentials as well as previous customers’ opinions, since the decisive factor in purchasing for a fair group of people is other people’s opinion.

• Slow functioning of your website – If the user does not get what he or she wants immediately and has to wait, be sure it is highly likely he or she will quit. Your website must be “light” and load fast.


Rafaela Acar

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