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How to sell the e-book on the landing page

October 31, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 6 min read

The landing page is a mandatory tool for the promotion of the e-book. In order to achieve satisfactory results, you should make the optimal use of the space on the page that will convince customers that the e-book is essential for them. The following article will present tips that will increase the sales of e-books. Read how to sell the e-book on the landing pages.

Product Visualization

Although the e-book is an electronic publication, it is worth to expose it visually on the page. You can submit a cover integrated into a tablet or e-book reader, or into graphics of traditional book. Such presentation will allow customers to visualize the product, so it will become more attractive. Visualization of a physical product makes it easier to make a purchase decision.


Precise call to action

While designing the button call to action, it must be surely ensured, that it would be visible on the site and placed in an accessible area without need to scroll the screen. The text on the button does not have to be maximally short, like Download and Buy. Longer terms also work effectively, which contain an additional element of motivation, for example, Download the e-book now, or encouraging: Buy the e-book at a lower price. Precise sentence increases customer confidence, which results in an increased amount of conversion.

If scrolling your landing page causes that at some point the button CTA is not visible anymore, repeat it at the lower part of the page. It will facilitate customers to perform an action, even after scrolling the landing. This allows the customer who will become convinced to purchase while browsing other items that he will not have to go back to the beginning.

The content that sells

The landing page cannot miss the values that the reader will benefit after purchasing and reading the e-book. Consider, how the book will help the customers, how will solve their problem, how will make their lives easier. In this way, not only you will present in short the content of the e-book, but also you will convince them that it is worth to invest in it.

Customers do not like to buy a pig in a poke, so it is worth to provide the details of the content of the publication. Writing up the table of contents (in the case of textbooks and manuals) or introduction (in the case of the novel) will allow customers to determine whether the subject matter of the book meets their needs. This item is intended for those interested, but not yet convinced to the purchase, so it can be placed in the visible part after scrolling the screen.

The quote from the book looks well on the landing page. This results in many benefits. Firstly, the information in it should provide an additional value that will strengthen the need to purchase. In a short fragment the recipients also learn about the style in which is written the entire publication. Moreover, such an item looks attractive on the page.

The trust the key to the success

The process of buying the book on the internet (especially electronic one) is different than at the offline bookstore. The client cannot look inside and make sure that the book meets his needs. Therefore, the landing page needs to build the trust, which will reduce the risk associated with the purchase.

Find something that distinguishes Your offer. Maybe your book is the first e-book, which contains the subject of matter on the market, or maybe you noted an impressive number of downloads so far? If you have something to show off – you must put it on the landing page. You can also put a short biographical note about the author of the publication. This information will also increase the credibility.

Nothing builds confidence more than the opinion of others. Therefore, plan the space for brief assessments or a part of a book review. Subjective opinions of readers will provide impressions which the Client can expect after reading the e-book, which will be an additional stimulus to the purchase.

Virus marketing

Help the customers to share your landing page with their friends. Make the use of social elements for this. Place the social buttons that allow users to recommend the page to their friends. Users will be able to quickly and easily publish information on their profiles, encouraging visiting your site, so their friends and observers will look it over. This will give you an additional source of promotion and a free movement on the landing.

The page after the conversion

Remember about the page that is displayed to customers after the purchase. At this point, there will be located a button to download the e-book, but it is also worth to utilize the remaining space. Make the use of this factor to thank for the purchase, and you will make a positive impression on the customers. If you are active in the social media, you can also at this point redirect the users to Your FanPage or invite to observe your Twitter account.

It can always be better

You wonder which text on the button will be more efficient? Which color will convince more to the purchase? Which values will prove to be more important for the user? To find the answer, use the A/B testing. Create several variants of the landing page, head the move on them and check which one notes more sales. Note that the landing pages which are tested should vary only with one element.

While introducing different elements, be sure that they have a specific goal: to build the trust, to call the need for a possession, and finally to convince to the purchase. Also, remember not to overdo with the content and not to overwhelm the customers. Add information in a concise form and remove unnecessary items that do not bring anything. With an effective presentation, your e-book will become a great success.




Agata Rabsztyn

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