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Landing page for the training sector

November 8, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 8 min read

Courses, workshops, conferences, trainings… the training sector is in full swing and the internet is a great place to find new participants. Starting to work in a given business one does not need to immediately create the website. It can be replaced by a landing page. A landing page is also useful for experienced companies that offer an extended range of trainings. For each of them a specially dedicated page should be prepared. However, what should a landing page include in order to effectively persuade visitors to take part in a given training?

One training – one landing page

Each landing page has one defined goal, therefore, it should be focused on one specific training. Do not try to cram a few trainings in similar fields or at different levels on one landing page. Focusing on one training will allow you for its comprehensive presentation. It will also facilitate directing the message to a clearly defined target group, which will increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Acquiring information about the participants

The most important element of a landing page in the training sector is the contact form. It is the form that enables applicants to join the training. Remember to:

• Make form as short as possible
The form should contain only the most important fields that are necessary for further contact. Think about what information you need. Filling in a number of fields requires more involvement, which may discourage the visitors. Usually two or three fields are enough: first name, last name and an e-mail address. If need be, you can add a field where the applicant can enter his or her preferred city or date of training. Try not to demand information such as the TIN (tax identification number), personal identity number, date of birth, etc. Required to provide detailed data will trigger concerns among the users, who are not sure what will happen to their data after submitting the form. Even if you need detailed information about the participants, remember that you can get them in the next step – when you attempt to contact them. It is important that the first impression is positive and inspires trust.

• Mark the required fields
Marking fields that are most important for you as required to fill in is absolutely necessary. You should pay special attention to the fields in which contact details (e-mail, phone) are requested. It will ensure that the obtained information will allow for future contact.

• Set validation of the most important fields in the form
Setting validation in the form helps you specify what characters the user needs to enter in a given field in order to send the form. The form identifies, for example, whether the line entered by the user contains an “@” (used in e-mail addresses) or consists of numbers (phone numbers, dates or postal codes). Validation informs users whether the form has been filled in correctly and ensures that all the sent data has been properly entered.

• Mark the action button
Below the area that contains fields to fill in place a large button which will allow the users to send the data they have entered. Give it a distinct color that will contrast with the background so that it is noticeable and people are encouraged to click on it.

Always place the form above the screen fold line, that is where it will be immediately visible after entering the landing page. Do not hide it in the lower parts of the page because only a small part of the visitors will reach this place.

The content of the Landing Page

The purpose of the landing page is to convince potential participants to join the training. The site should therefore present information that will emphasize reliability and experience of the company. The following items should not be omitted:

– The training program,
– The target group that the training is aimed at,
– What can be gained by participating in the training,
– The business card of the instructors,
– Basic information (price, date, duration, address).

Try to provide all the information in a concise form so as not to overwhelm the audience with an excess of content. Use bullet points, bold the most important facts and, if possible, replace the message with a picture (e.g. a calendar instead of dry details concerning the training date).

Inspiring trust

In the education sector the most important are competence and professionalism. Therefore, plan space for recommendations and/or elements increasing trust. If the trainings are directed to Business Clients, place logos of the largest companies that have already benefited from your services. In case of individual trainings get feedback from satisfied participants and place the results on the landing page. If you collaborate with other companies (e.g. the media) within the trainings, it is useful to place them on the landing page under Partners. If you have a lot of experience, you can also include brief information about the number of conducted trainings, provided that you can boast about some impressive data. As you can see, there are many ways to make a positive impression.

Additions to the Landing Page

You can vary the landing page with a number of items that will later on motivate potential customers to take an action and also decorate the page. Below you can find some ideas:

In case of trainings that have a specified date, on the landing page you can place a counter that will measure the time left until the beginning of the training. The passing minutes will be an additional stimulus for your visitors to make a quick decision about participation in the training.

You will definitely help the users locate the place of the training if you post a map, e.g. from Google Maps, on the landing page.

A fashionable and professional trick is to post a video in which you can introduce the details related to the trainings and encourage the users to participate. Therefore, you will not have to provide elaborate information on the subject matter of the training, which will shorten your landing page.


You certainly collect the database of all participants of your trainings. You will significantly simplify your work by gathering the data in the CRM system if you set the form to send all the collected applications to your database. In this way all your contacts will be in order and you will save your time.

During mailing operations you can simplify your work as well if you integrate the form with the e-marketing system that you use. Then your mailing database will expand automatically. You can also set automatic sending of emails to new users in order to confirm registrations for your trainings.

The conversion page 

Keep in mind that the design of the landing page is not the end yet. After completing the form the user proceeds to the so-called conversion page. On this page thank him or her for joining the training and give information what your next step will be, for example, e-mail contact within 24 hours, a phone conversation regarding the training date. You can also use it for virus activities and ask to share the page with friends. Inserting social media elements such as Share will be helpful. Since the user that has visited the page is interested in the training he or she might be willing to invite friends to attend it. Suggest sharing information!

The landing page is a very useful tool of promotion of your trainings, quite essential for people who want to start attracting new Clients through the internet. It is more efficient than a company website because it is focused solely on one topic and does not contain any distracting elements. Thus it is easier to encourage visitors to take the desired action, that is completion of the enrollment form. Not only does it enable us to attract new participants, but, properly set, it can also facilitate further contact with potential clients.


Agata Rabsztyn

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