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Landingi – a year in review

January 21, 2019 Sylwester Karnuszewicz 4 min read
Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Another year has passed and some big changes have occured at Landingi. We’ve doubled our team, took part in many marketing events, launched effective campaigns and established promising partnerships. But what’s more important, is that you – our clients and readers – are the biggest part of our 2018 success.

The Number of Leads

Instead of focusing on detailed (boring) and extensive (tiring) reports of every change we carried out in 2018, we’ve decided to show you all about last year in a simple, and (at least we hope so) fun way. Let the numbers speak for themselves!

1 new office – near the end of the year, a part of our team moved into a brand new office in Katowice – the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship. From now on, we’re working simultaneously in two locations.

Nowe biuro Katowice

5 changes in our product – we are continuously trying to stretch the functionality of our platform, to give you even more tools and features to create highly performing landing pages. In 2018, we implemented a few improvements:

  • self-signed SSL certificate
  • revision history
  • export/import of a landing page to a .landingpage or .php file
  • editing lead data
  • free stock photo library for Landingi users – +5000 photos you can use on your landing pages!

Learn about our development – read a blog post about SSL certificates and revision history!

16 new Landingers – Team Landingi is growing rapidly and 2018 was a perfect example. Now we’ve got 36 fantastic people on board, who work hard every day to deliver the best product for you.

Team Landingi

150 new templates – in 2018 only, our invaluable Design Team have created or updated a hundred and fifty templates, each with a dedicated post-conversion page. Thanks to that move we can now share our huge library of +200 landing page templates!

2 180 members – this is how many people are in our Landing Page Pro Facebook group. Join all those landing page enthusiasts and let’s learn together!

Conversion, Tips, Lead generation

3 795 leads – we’ve increased our mailing database by this number: we share our knowledge and online marketing tips & tricks with them every once in a while!

5 200 SSL certificates – in the last twelve months we generated over five thousands safety certificates for our client’s domains. That means your landing pages are now much more secure and therefore more attractive to visitors!

6 000 – we crossed this magical border of Facebook fans in November. Thanks to that, they’re always up to date with our insights, planned events, contests and discounts!

13 000 conversations – the intense work of our Customer Success department resulted in a tremendous number of conversations with clients, during which our team did everything it could to offer you effective solutions and answer all your questions. We made it possible by launching weekend and evening shifts.

Almost 300 000 new users visited our website and landing pages!

There’s only one number left. We decided to show you this in the end, because it was a great surprise even for us. In 2018 we noticed

116 134 043

unique visits on all landing pages on our platform! It’s as if the whole population of Poland decided to visit us… three times over!

2019 – ready, set, go!

Surely we can call 2018 a very successful year for us. Landingi is going in the right direction, and the best proof is the growing number of our clients and Landingers. But enough looking back – time to focus on the days ahead!

Our  team is already working hard on the goals we’ve set for 2019. One thing remains the same: we’ll do our best to improve Landingi for you! Join us on our journey throughout the year: stay up to date and like us on Facebook!

Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Sylwester Karnuszewicz

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