Ho, ho, ho! Christmas time is coming not only to your house, but also to your business. If you run a store online, this period may mean more work, longer working hours and constant tiredness, may be paid off with some extra income though. How to survive the fever of Christmas shopping… from the side of a brand?

64%: The share of Americans who purchased online, picked up in store and then also made an additional in-store purchase during Thanksgiving weekend. (ICSC “Thanksgiving/Black Friday Shopping Report”)

76%: The percentage of Americans who are using mobile devices for their holiday shopping this year. (“American Express Spending & Saving Tracker”)

84%: The portion of consumers who plan to check Amazon.com before looking or buying elsewhere. (Accenture, “10th Annual Accenture Holiday Shopping Survey”)

Many companies plan their marketing strategy for upcoming Christmas for the whole year. Many of them may be too busy or just clumsy and wait until the very last minute. And that very last minute is now. How can you (still) boost your sales in that period?

  • make the most of the potential of social media

Social media may play a crucial role in increasing your sales volume. It is good and recommended to have it (and appropriate budget, too) planned way before November, but if you had no chance of doing it or you simply woke up just right now, it is still not too late for you to use some opportunities.

On social media, you can combine a variety of advertising goals (including those such as Store Visits or Clicks to Website), post formats (interactive content put in carousels, videos or linkposts), non-standard promotion (in groups or different Pages) and targeting options (age, demographics, behaviour, interests). Well, you are aware of remarketing obviously? It’s enough to upload a database full of e-mails of your customers to reach them on social media. You still have some time to do so!

  • involve some influencers

Influencers may not make the world go round, but they have an impact on how your business is doing. Sometimes just one post can boost your sales. No one tells you to manage an advanced influencer campaign, involving many people and effort. How about talking to selected one or two people who could promote your product, redirect their audience to your (landing) page and have some fee from sales? Although it may be too little too late for such an activity this year, it may be a good idea for using in the future, for many other occasion. (You can’t really hate Valentine’s Day when you run a business online, can you?) Influencers do a lot around Christmas as it is a busy period for them too. They often publish some gift guides and ideas for presents – covering your services there wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

  • build a landing page

That is a challenge to run a successful, user-friendly, intuitive and attractive shop online, even in an era of many systems providing with ready designs, templates and tools. Landing page doesn’t have to heavily-built nor consist of many information. Christmas offers are great content for useful landing pages that could be promoted anywhere afterwards. Landingi provides with many templates ready to use and customize. You can also integrate your page with some payment systems to grab payments directly on your site.

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  • e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing needs some love, passion and attention – but if you already have a database full of e-mails you have been recently using, you can’t forget about it during a busy Christmas period. And if you have a valuable database you forgot about, there is still some time to wake up before it is too late! 

Send a bunch of special offers to those who subscribed to your newsletter. Let them feel exclusive – prepare some discounts only for them, not accessible for others. Sometimes a good idea is to put

  • don’t forget about your current clients

Obviously, gathering some new customers is important, but it should never overtake taking care of your current ones! Getting a new client is very often easier than keeping a new one, but can cost far more and the loyalty may never be built. And loyalty is what makes the e-commerce world go round. As long as you care about both segments of customers, it is alright. Many businesses though tend to keep an eye on new customers while the current customers are neglected. This is visibly noticed in bank offers – a lot of perks for new clients (such as bonus money or cinema tickets), but the old ones can’t access them.

What are your ideas for perfect Christmassy period for your business?