Keep your ear to the marketing ground – November 2018

November 27, 2018 3 min read Written by: Avatar Mark von der Land
Table of contents
Table of contents

We’re starting the most wonderful time of the year with a bunch of online shopping novelties and some heartwarming commercials. There’s a lot to do for marketers but at least digital media big players make it easier for us!

1. No more ex text in Messenger!

Bye-bye misclicks and embarrassing ex texts. That is, of course, unless you’re willingly making a mistake. You now have 10 minutes for those second thoughts, or to mull things over and then react. Everyone suffers from misclicks, don’t they?


2. KFC masterclass on french fries

If you’re wondering how criticism can turn out the best marketing campaign ever, follow this KFC story. And I’m waiting for those fries. And I’m waiting for those fries.


3. YouTube creator merch feature is coming to Europe

The feature is called ”Merch Shelf” and lets subscribers go through all of the creator products inside YouTube. This feature was prepared in collaboration with Teespring – a custom merchandising platform.


4. More ways to shop on Instagram

”‘Tis the season of wish lists and gift giving! With the holidays just around the corner, we’re making it easier than ever to turn to Instagram for all of your holiday shopping needs” – says Instagram. The previously-introduced product stickers in Stories and shopping channel in Explore are now joined by 3 new ways to discover new products: save to your new Shopping collection, shop on a business profile and shopping in Feed videos.


5. Exhausted of taking care of your ‘Gram while on vacay?

Ibis fully understands that and offers you a social media specialist to take care of your feed so you don’t have to interrupt your dolce far niente, available in its Swiss hotels. It’s hard to say if it’s clever or creepy. Interesting, to say the least.


6. Holiday campaigns

There’s nothing more Christmas-y in marketing than christmas ads. Everyone has been waiting (especially Brits) for the John Lewis campaign, which this year really pulled on those heart strings. Coca-cola goes back to its roots, IKEA kills it as usual, and Apple builds a tiny little winter town to make a commercial. Enjoy and get inspired!

John Lewis


Italian IKEA


It’s the final call to get prepared for Christmas. I mean, in this case – to get prepared as a marketer. We buy a lot in this time of year but there are some industries that need to strive for their clients. So, for December I wish all of us creativity and patience 🙂


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