We’ve introduced a new layout and new inbox options in our app. The changes will allow for even better and more efficient management of the leads gained.

What improvements can you find in the new inbox?

1. Matching information with social networking profiles of the users

landing page inbox

If the e-mail address that makes it to the inbox is the same address with which the user logs on to social networking sites, we will be able to trace all the profiles that are connected with them. The option will enable you to take a broader look at your customers, e.g. you can see what job a given person does or what post they hold.

2. Additional information about the user

This information is given depending on what data you ask the user to provide as well as on the type of conversion that allowed you to obtain it. Information that can be found here includes among others: an e-mail address, age, location or the place of residence. You will also be able to find out what software or browser the user was operating. Apart from that, you will also see how much time they spent on your landing page and what key words brought them there.


3. Division of leads according to a chosen campaign

The division will certainly facilitate searching for data that you need at a given moment. Now you have an option to browse through all leads at the same time or to choose one campaign that you’re currently interested in from the list.

landing page leads

4. Filtering data according to conversion categories

 The division pertains to the way in which you’ve collected data. You can choose from: All, Form, Contact and Order. Each of the categories will be labeled with a different icon.

5. Downloading data on the drive into a CSV file

All the leads can be downloaded on your drive in a CSV file. It will facilitate using the data for broadening the database on your computer or using it in other marketing activities, among others. Here you also have an option to choose which data you’d like to export to the file, e.g. you can choose only Contact conversion from a given campaign. Then only the data that you’ve chosen in the filters will be saved in the file.

 6. Chronological order of the leads

All the leads will be coming into your inbox chronologically. Therefore, you will be able to tell when you actually managed to collect more data. It will also help with optimization of the campaign. For example, it can be a hint whether increasing a campaign budget makes sense if the number of leads is satisfactory.

landing page leads

 7. Adding chosen leads to the archives

Each of the leads gained can be added to the archives. Of course, you can look into the archived data at any moment you need. The archives will make management of the leads easier, e.g. when you’re testing conversions on the landing page. In such a case test leads can be moved into the archives. This option will also help you in a situation when you’re working on a specific lead and you’ve already fulfilled your task (e.g. you’ve already contacted a chosen person again). Then you can also move the “already done” leads to the archives. Archiving data will make uncluttering the inbox easier.


We hope that all the changes that have been introduced, both the ones related to the functioning and to the visuals, will be helpful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are encouraged to leave comments below.