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April 14, 2017 Robert Marczak 10 min read

Unless you’re a U.S.-based Church employee or pastor, you’ve probably never heard of ProChurch. By the time you finish this article, that’ll change – and you may find yourself wanting to know even more about the company.


Because despite being unknown to the general public, ProChurch provides 500+ churches with a mix of landing pages, one-page websites and digital graphics. The company is respected in its niche, and has been around long enough to build a bank of over 2,400 (!!!) templates.

prochurch case study landingi whitelabel

But the most interesting thing?

ProChurch doesn’t code or program their website-building software (“ProChurch Splash”). Instead, they use’s software, co-operating with us to serve their clients.

This dynamic – where one company makes software, and another sells it under its own brand – is called SaaS White Labeling. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”, and refers to all subscription-based apps hosted centrally. White labeling means taking an “unmarked product” and putting your own label on it before selling it.

At first glance, this concept may seem a little odd. After all, isn’t the whole point of entrepreneurship to invent new stuff?

Well, yes… And no.

Companies like Pepsi, Facebook and Apple all succeeded by using existing technology. Pepsi was inspired by Coca-Cola, Facebook – by MySpace, Apple – by Xerox’s GUI. This is how they became billion-dollar corporations – and nobody would say what they did is bad business.

prochurch case study landingi whitelabel

Along the same lines, using white label software to get a slice of the 37.7$ billion SaaS market is good – no, great – business… If you can make it work.

The question is, can you?

By the time you finish reading about ProChurch and their reasons for using our software, you’ll know the answer. So read on – and get ready to see how a successful business in the fledgling SaaS White Label space operates!

We’ll start by looking at how ProChurch started, what their alternatives were and why they decided to start – and continue – working together with us.

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5 Reasons ProChurch Chose Landingi

The founder and CEO of ProChurch, Dan Irmler, grew up in a pastor’s household. As a child and teenager he realized that church employees have to do a lot of different things. In the modern age, this includes using digital and social marketing to reach out to folks.

The problem is, most pastors don’t have advanced digital skills – or the time to learn them. Seeing this, Dan started working with churches as a digital marketer in his late teens.

By his mid-20s, he had a solid idea of what religious organizations need and want. He also had enough experience to know that landing pages are highly effective. This is how he decided to help Churches get websites like these by selling them a landing page solution.

At this point, Dan had several options. He could build his own software from scratch, become an affiliate for a developer, or white-label existing software under his own brand. He ended up choosing the latter option and cooperating and going with Landingi – and here’s why.

Time. With SaaS companies making $200,000 per employee in revenue, Dan knew the market had potential – and wanted to get started immediately. White labeling allowed him to do this, bypassing a lengthy R&D process.
Control. Being an affiliate means selling someone else’s product with no control over it. In this sense, white labeling is superior, because you have control over your brand – and the option to co-operate with the developers.
Costs. With Landingi covering all R&D costs, Dan didn’t have to make a large investment to start the business.
Risks. SaaS is competitive. If a software company grows at 20% annually – fast by most standards – it’s got a 92% chance to shut down in the next few years. Using our software meant avoiding the high risks associated with the industry.
The Team. Making a landing page builder is fairly complex. Finding a team that can build and maintain one isn’t easy. Dan’s hands were already full with his own business – so he preferred to collaborate with an existing team that already had a proven track record.
Diversification. White labeling made it easy for Dan to add new landing pages to his list of products. This way, he leveraged his existing asset – the ProChurch brand – without taking on risks, high start-up costs or a long R&D process.

Now, you may be wondering why haven’t said anything about profit – and that’s a great question. The thing is, Dan was already a successful business owner before Landingi – so he was likely going to continue making money no matter which option he chose.

However, here’s what you need to know. SaaS companies tend to generate $3.9 for every $1 of revenue they lose to churn. This indicates the industry is highly profitable – and white labeling allows you to enter it with no risks, no financial or time costs and no R&D.

This means that, generally speaking, profit is a strong reason to white label – even if it wasn’t necessarily in Dan’s top-5.

Now let’s take a look at how’s software has allowed Dan to create an irresistible offer for his market…

ProChurch’s Competitive Advantage

As mentioned above, pastors have all kinds of work to do – and only some of it is religious. They’re also the administrators, marketers and ideologues of their congregations.

This means that what church employees really want most of all is speed and simplicity in an affordable package.

Now, in the past, making a website from scratch – even a 1-page website – was far too expensive for most churches. The “simple” solution before us was WordPress, which still requires pretty advanced I.T. knowledge (by church standards).

Things have changed in the past few years – but the truth is that most page builders are still too complex for churches. Pastors don’t need A-B split testing, responsive designs and other highfalutin’ tools. They just want pages that work and get people involved in Church activities.

So what Dan does is provide folks with proven design templates; pre-made pages; a simple solution they can understand. He even markets the product as one-page websites instead of landing pages to avoid confusing non-techies.

prochurch case study landingi whitelabel

Usually, none of this would be possible. If Dan created landing pages using affiliate or third-party software, he couldn’t offer a seamless service. Instead, he’d have to separate the software from the added-value services he provides – i.e. the design, installation and publishing of Church websites.

Alternatively, Dan could offer custom-made websites that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars… But that would be out of reach for most of his target audience. By using white-label software, Dan avoids most of the costs – and is able to offer his service for just $39 a month.

This way, his customers get websites made in a modern, advanced builder like… But enjoy the benefits of working with the industry specialists in Dan’s team at a highly affordable price.

This is the competitive advantage of ProChurch – and the reason they’ve managed to get to 500+ customers! And, believe it or not, this isn’t the limit for the brand. Here’s what’s next for ProChurch:

  • A blog that teaches pastors and other church staff marketing. You can check it out here:
    prochurch case study landingi whitelabel blog
  • Potentially, a service that helps churches make effective, high-ROI marketing content. This is an area where U.S.-based religious organizations are weak today – and the ProChurch team would like to help fix that.
  • Serving more churches with affordable, high-quality 1-page websites using Landingi’s software.

At this point, let’s break down everything you’ve just learned about ProChurch – and figure out what it means for you.

Takeaways for Your Business

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, so we’ll let Daniel do it for us. Here’s what he said about choosing to work with our page builder:

We’ve made many business mistakes over the years. Working with Landingi wasn’t one of them. Their willingness to cooperate; the fact that they consider our needs when doing R&D; the end product we deliver together… We’re proud of the end result users get with “Splash”.

Of course, these words are kind – but they don’t guarantee your own white label experience will be a success. For example, white label developers and retailers don’t always get along as well as our team does with ProChurch, which can be a concern.

Having said that, the advantages ProChurch enjoyed when they chose to work with us are numerous and important. To recap, they are:

  • Time savings
  • More control
  • No up-front investment and lower costs
  • The opportunity to add a new product to your offerings
  • An established team of developers
  • Minimal risks

Thanks to all these benefits, and a few more – namely, the opportunity to make money instantly – more and more businesses are using white-labeling as a growth strategy. Forbes first covered this business model in 2014 – and it’s grown in popularity since then.

As developers, we also like to work with white-label brands because they’re more invested into us than affiliates. They are business partners to us, as opposed to affiliates who function as freelance sales people – and we like this.

So here’s to white label SaaS offers that benefit businesses, developers and the end customer. We hope to see more partnerships like the one we have with ProChurch in the future, and hope that you will consider starting one of your own in the future!


Robert Marczak

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