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Selling with content – how to create an effective text for a landing page

June 11, 2015 Rafaela Acar 5 min read

Text is the part of landing page with the highest value information. Text influences the consumers behavior, which leads to specific action, like filling out a form or buying something. In this article we present the rules that will show you how to create an effective landing page texts and convince customers to take action.

Use the inverted pyramid principle.

Marketing texts follow the inverted pyramid principle which says that content should be presented in accordance with its value. If the reader does not become interested already with the first advantage indicated in the message, he will be immune to others, even if they are more interesting. Therefore the most important piece of information should come at the beginning of the message. On a landing page, significant advantages of the offer should be enumerated. The first point presents the most interesting and practical piece of information on the product or a service, and the following points complement it. Beginning with the most important information will arouse interest and persuade the recipient to continue. If he does not find anything of interest at this stage, he will leave the page.


Sell by communicating advantages

Concentrate on the way you present information. Not features, but advantages, and above all specific values which the product ensures persuade customers to make the decision you want. Show the recipient what problem the product will solve, how it can help, what value it will deliver, etc.

Feature: The cream contains nutrients
Value: The cream smoothes the skin of the face making you feel comfortable

By giving the recipients a specific justification why they should take the offer, you will make it simpler for them to make a decision. Features and parameters are also important pieces of information, but they will be interesting for the customers only after they are interested in the offer, thus, following the inverted pyramid principle, they can be placed further in the message.

Find the unique feature of the offer

Find a value that distinguishes this particular offer from other offers. This is the foundation for building competitive advantage. Think what element makes your offer unique and emphasise it in the content. How you emphasise the advantages of your offer will influence whether the recipient will take it or go to your competitors. And remember – your present an offer, not a company!

Evoke emotions

A fast way to attract the attention of potential customers is to rely on emotions. When you refer to feelings in your texts, the recipient will find it easier to feel the need to have your product. Emotions develop and intensify the contact with the product. As a result, an emotional advertisement creates a bond between the advertised product and the recipients, and diverts their attention from a detailed analysis of the technical features of the product. Make sure the content of the landing page creates the right mood which makes the recipient take the offer. You will achieve positive effects by writing vividly so that you can activate the recipients’ imagination, which will in turn show them a vision of the advantages they will gain by taking the offer, e.g. Feel slim and more beautiful this summer!

Content over form

People surfing the Internet browse web pages very quickly. Statistically we have only 4 seconds to persuade a visitor to read the message. Time is the most valuable thing. Hence, there should be no long, complicated descriptions on a landing page. Choose the most valuable, interesting fragments and present them in short sentences. The first information provided for the user should be concise and to the point in order to present the most important advantages in the shortest possible way. Avoid redundant descriptions, words, and adjectives which do not deliver a specific value.

Search engine optimization – get more visits

Remember that one of the sources of visitors on a landing page is the search engine. While writing the text, make sure it contains key words which your potential customers will use to find you.

Preparing texts for a landing page remember that quality is more important than quantity. Aesthetic appearance is the first step to arouse the recipients’ interest. The second step is the right choice of words and sentences which can be enormously persuasive and encourage them to act in a certain way. Remember, an effective text has to motivate to read and persuade to act.


Rafaela Acar

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