5 simple reasons for which your landing page doesn’t convert


The landing page is the basic element of every effective internet campaign. A crucial reason for its effectiveness is its simplicity, which leads to the user’s attention being directed to taking one specific action. An effective landing page should be constructed in accordance with some specific rules, about which you can read in article: Components of
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Are you and your landing page ready for Valentine’s Day?


61.8% of consumers in 2013 declared that they would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and $13.19 billion was spent on this occasion on American markets. Thus it is good to take advantage of the Valentine aura and not only reach out to the customers’ expectations, but mostly use this occasion to distribute your offer, gain
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Write better and sell more!


The collection of cult advertising slogans increases every year. Who doesn’t remember that “impossible is nothing,” hasn’t “freshened up with 7-Up” or tried to “be the best?” Creating a catchy slogan that will make it to the customers’ minds forever isn’t easy. However, looking at the above mentioned examples, it is possible. Certainly, the word
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The devil is in the heading, that is five mistakes made in titles


It would be perfect if it attracted people’s attention, was creative, valuable and original… What? The heading, of course. One can say that it definitely attracts droves of copywriters, creators of advertising offers and other people fighting with words and trying to put them into perfect and profitable headlines. Regardless of whether it is about
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Advertisement in the Internet – AdWords, positioning or mailing?


From the article “The landing page is 300% more effective” you found out how to increase your sales by means of a landing page. If a conversion rate is already at a high level, it is time to increase traffic on your website. The best ways to increase traffic: positioning and Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
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