How to increase the conversion rate?


Conversion and conversion rate The purpose of a website is always some benefit – attracting customers, sales, publicity. To achieve it, you must induce the user to perform a certain action, which is conversion. Conversion may entail: • purchasing a product, • filling in a form (e.g. providing contact details), • creating an account, •
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5 simple reasons for which your landing page doesn’t convert


The landing page is the basic element of every effective internet campaign. A crucial reason for its effectiveness is its simplicity, which leads to the user’s attention being directed to taking one specific action. An effective landing page should be constructed in accordance with some specific rules, about which you can read in article: Components of
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Write better and sell more!


The collection of cult advertising slogans increases every year. Who doesn’t remember that “impossible is nothing,” hasn’t “freshened up with 7-Up” or tried to “be the best?” Creating a catchy slogan that will make it to the customers’ minds forever isn’t easy. However, looking at the above mentioned examples, it is possible. Certainly, the word
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6 mistakes, that reduce Your landing page’s conversion


Designing an effective landing page is not difficult, but it requires the knowledge of the behavior of the users on the Internet. Therefore, just routing the campaign to the dedicated landing page does not guarantee a success yet. On the way you may encounter few obstacles. So if your campaign conversion rate is low, check
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