How to use a landing page – 5 types of conversion


How to ude a landing page? Every campaign pursues a certain goal named conversion. Depending on a campaign, conversion has different goals. Therefore a precise definition of conversion is the first step towards creating a successful landing page. As you will soon find out, thanks to a landing page you can achieve a lot. We
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Conversion optimization – How to create an effective landing page?


Conversion optimization If you want your website to be more profitable than it is now, you have two possible solutions: • (expensive and temporary) increase the traffic on your site by advertising, sponsored links AdWords, SEO on Google • (cheap and long-lasting) conversion optimization. There are a number of techniques that allow you to increase
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Why the landing page is 300% more effective


Landing Page Landing Page is a special page, which enables you to gain your (one and only) objective: • the sale of the product • obtaining contact information (leads) • building a mailing database • publicity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ • convincing people to your brand, implanting ideas Landing Page are 30% to as
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