How to use a landing page – 5 types of conversion


How to ude a landing page? Every campaign pursues a certain goal named conversion. Depending on a campaign, conversion has different goals. Therefore a precise definition of conversion is the first step towards creating a successful landing page. As you will soon find out, thanks to a landing page you can achieve a lot. We
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How to create an effective landing page – a few simple steps


You’d like to create a landing page but you don’t know what to start with? We’ve prepared a short guide with seven simple steps to create an effective landing page, that will make this task much easier. 1. A catchy and concise headline Draw your reader’s attention with a well-constructed headline. Remember that it is
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Are you and your landing page ready for Valentine’s Day?


61.8% of consumers in 2013 declared that they would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and $13.19 billion was spent on this occasion on American markets. Thus it is good to take advantage of the Valentine aura and not only reach out to the customers’ expectations, but mostly use this occasion to distribute your offer, gain
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Landing page for the training sector


Courses, workshops, conferences, trainings… the training sector is in full swing and the internet is a great place to find new participants. Starting to work in a given business one does not need to immediately create the website. It can be replaced by a landing page. A landing page is also useful for experienced companies
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