The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Landing Page Design

May 26, 2017 6 min read Written by: Avatar Robert Morris
Table of contents
Table of contents

You’re focused on building links with a single goal: attract more visitors towards your website. You make an effort to craft top-notch content and publish it on other blogs and websites. You invest in a social media campaign and you interact with the audience on a daily basis.

Why all that effort? The answer is simple: more visits lead to greater popularity of your site. Greater popularity leads to more conversions, and conversions mean money.

With all that effort you invest in marketing and link building, it’s about time to pay attention to the quality of the landing pages. We’ll give you the most important do’s and don’ts regarding design, content, and all other elements of the landing page.

The Don’ts: Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Landing Page

    1. Pop-Ups and Surveys? Don’t Do It

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      Of course you want to collect information about your visitors. However, they won’t appreciate a pop-up that asks for an email if they clicked a linked from social media just because they were attracted by the headline.

      It doesn’t matter what type of website you have; asking for information before the visitors see what it’s about is the wrong thing to do. You can do that at the end of the post – ask them to take a survey or give you their email to get more awesome content.

    1. Don’t Ask The Visitors to Turn the Ad Blocker
      Forbes does that, but Forbes is a website with huge authority. When people want to read an article on Forbes, they don’t mind turning the ad blocker off. If, however, they visit a site for the first time and they can’t see the content because the ad blocker is on, they won’t bother turning it off. They will simply bounce off and go for the next suggestion from Google’s search results.Yes, ads mean money for you. However, you have to keep in mind that most people don’t have ad blockers, so they will see your ads. The ones who don’t like ads won’t appreciate you forcing them to see those elements of the landing page.
    1. Don’t Make Them Scroll Too Long for the Call to Action
      Each landing page needs a call to action. However, the position of the call to action is important, too. If you locate it at the bottom of the page, you risk losing conversions because most visitors won’t be patient enough to scroll down that much.Put the call and action button at the top of the page, so the visitors will get a clear idea of what they should do at your website. Then, the ones who are interested will proceed exploring the page, and you’ll put another call to action at the bottom

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The Right Things to Do When Designing a Landing Page

    1. Think of a Great Headline
      When you're designing a landing page, you should keep in mind that the headline is one of the most important elements that lead to conversions. It has to be absolutely great, and it should grasp the essence of the entire content. It’s the aspect of the landing page that will convince the visitor to read on. If it doesn’t work, they will leave the page without much consideration. A great headline is not clickbait. Sure, you want people to click on the link when you share it on social media, but that doesn’t mean you should use lies. A great headline is specific and direct. You should narrow down the topic and lose the fluff. It doesn’t matter whether you’re presenting an article or a product, or the link leads to the homepage; you should always have a headline. The homepage of QuickBase has a nice example of a good headline: Create custom business applications faster and easier without code. This headline works because it immediately tells you what the service is about. You don’t have to go through the text to understand how the tool will meet your needs. That’s what a great headline should look like if you want to collect leads effectively.
    1. Make the Content Focused and Relevant
      The landing page may have awesome design and eye-catching photos, but you won’t achieve conversions with low-quality content. The text should be unique and absolutely great. If you have troubles with this aspect, you can easily get help from professional writing services. A seasoned writer will work under your instructions. You’ll get text that captures the attention of your audience and convinces them to take the action you expect them to take.
  1. Test The Landing Page

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    How does your landing page show up on different browsers? How long does it take to load? How do mobile users see it? You have to test the landing page on different browsers and devices, so you’ll make sure everyone gets an optimized experience.

    Running an A/B test is a smart thing to do. You’ll create two different versions of the landing page and you’ll see how many conversions each of them delivers. Once you get the results, you’ll opt for the better page and you’ll improve the design from there on.

In Conclusion…

These things seem simple in theory, don’t they? We all know what a good landing page looks like, but it’s not easy for us to design it. Hopefully, the above-listed do’s and don’ts will help you improve the design and performance of your landing pages.


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