A plane. A runway. Growth. A cursor. Those are the keywords that stood behind our previous logo. Some even called it ‘the spear’. For us, it was ‘the airplane’.



With us from mid-2013, until now, when we sent it for retirement. There were many reasons why we’ve decided to refresh our identity, starting this process by changing the logo. This airplane or paper-plane symbol appears in many tech companies around the world. It’s not unique and does not fully reflect the nature of our business.


We’ve decided: let’s change it

There were two ways how we could approach the logo refreshment. To outsource it or to do it ourselves. We’ve chosen the first option and launched a contest on the 99designs.com. We thought it’s a great opportunity to get a lot of proposals from designers around the world, in a short time. In one week we’ve received 680 of logo designs.




Proposals were very differentiated. Better, worse, average. Unfortunately, none of them made us say “wow”, and because of that we are unable to chose a new logo. So we’ve decided to use own resources, to develop a new logo on our own.



On the beginning of our work, we agreed that the new logo should look modern and simple. We assumed also that it could be based only on the typography. Our design team has prepared few concepts.




We’ve selected 3 concepts and decided to continue working on them. The chosen designs were the most interesting, considering aesthetics and its message:

After a few iterations of refining the above ideas, we’ve finally chosen one of them and as the new logo of our company.


The new logo

On the basis of the final three, we’ve chosen the winner. Among others, one suited us the most… the magnet! This concept was the most relevant for our company, and its additional advantage is that very few companies in the technology industry use magnet as a symbol.


The final logo is an emblem, showing the magnet and the logotype, the name of the company – LANDINGI. The basic element used for the logo construction is the letter ‘I’. Its width, height and rounded corners radius width determines the other elements look. Additionally, the letter ‘D’ reflects the shape of an emblem 1:1 and is created with two letters ‘L’.


The meaning

The logo should tell what it is the company, which values represents and what it does. In our case, we wanted to identify with the process of generating leads. It is the magnet emblem, that emphasize that using Landingi app can bring the greatest number of leads. Landing page created within our platform are 100% focused on attracting as much leads, contacts, customers or fans, as possible. Which we wish to all of our customers, of course! 🙂