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What’s new in Landingi? 6.08.2013

August 6, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 2 min read

We constantly try to adjust our tool to your needs. Every day we work on modernization of the app, and at the same time, on its easier and intuitive edition. We care about contact with you, that is why we try to respond to errors you report quickly and take your suggestions into consideration.

Below we present the most important elements that we managed to add or improve during this week:

1. Setting language of landing page

We have introduced a function that enables you to set a language of a landing page. So far, the information was displayed in a language, to which the User’s account was set. Due to the function, messages – e.g. after filling in a form incorrectly – will be displayed to visitors in a language chosen by the User. This solution allows to conduct a campaign in a few language versions on one account. The settings include three available language options: English, Polish and Russian. You can choose a proper language by clicking on Other in Settings of the landing page. On new landing page creation, a default language is the language of the User’s account.

2. Speed optimization

We have optimized loading speed of landings, taking into consideration loading speed of CSS styles and images. We have also speeded up our application, due to which using our tool has become easier and more pleasant.

3. New look of advanced options

We have introduced a more friendly look of advanced options in widgets. Now, all sections are grouped, which makes finding the function easier, without the need of scrolling. Every widget has its own option settings, adjusted particularly to its elements, owing to that, advanced edition is easier.

If you have any suggestion concerning changes on Landingi, or you use integrations that are not available in our app, write in comments or to


Agata Rabsztyn

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