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January 8, 2014 6 min read Written by: Avatar Paulina Kamińska
Table of contents
Table of contents

The collection of cult advertising slogans increases every year. Who doesn’t remember that “impossible is nothing,” hasn’t “freshened up with 7-Up” or tried to “be the best?” Creating a catchy slogan that will make it to the customers’ minds forever isn’t easy. However, looking at the above mentioned examples, it is possible. Certainly, the word is a powerful tool and it can increase its strength with good copywriting. And how do we combine good copywriting with a well-prepared landing page? That’s where you’re going to see some action!;)

5 ways to sell more by means of good copywriting

Well-prepared content will certainly improve the quality of every website whose aim is to sell a product. Regardless of whether it is a developed page with a number of products or a “one product” oriented landing page. Thus we are going to brush up on a few ways thanks to which writing for websites will not only be easier, but also more effective.

1. Put the layout first

Before you get down to writing texts for the website, think about where you will put them and plan their layout. By layout we mean also text editing, that is using bullet points, paragraphs or well-adjusted line spacing. A well-edited text will make it easier for the customer to understand what your offer is about.

2. Catchy and clear text

  • Write clearly

Every text should be easy to understand by every reader. If you are not sure whether the thing you have written will be understandable to everyone, it is always good to test the prepared texts even on your family and friends, to whose remarks you should listen carefully. Sometimes even a small change might prove crucial for a potential customer.

  • Use active voice

Active voice consists in forming a sentence in such a way that the subject of the sentence is the doer of a given activity. In our case the subject is the product or service that we offer, for instance “Cream A reduces discolorations” instead of a passive voice sentence “Discolorations are reduced by cream A.” Sentences written in active voice are easier to understand and convince visitors to make a purchase faster.

  • Avoid clichés and jargon

If you have a clearly specified goal that is about as high sale as possible, avoid stereotypical combinations of words or vocabulary that only a specific group of people will understand (jargon). Overly “florid” statements can only distract the reader and dissuade them from buying.

  • Avoid long sentences

Long and complicated sentences had better be left to literature enthusiasts. Excessively complex sentences simply won’t sell your product because no one has time for reading lengthy screeds, even if they beautifully describe the assets of your product. It will be even more disadvantageous in a situation when we’re focused on performing an action, that is making a purchase.

3. Avoid mistakes

  • Make sure all descriptions are on the website

Lack of a short description of a product is a mistake that the visitors of your website won’t forgive you. It will be mostly you who will feel its negative consequences. Undoubtedly, such a dereliction will affect the movement on the page, and as a result, sales.

  • Use the same style

Try not to use a few different styles in particular sections of the text. Treat every website as one large text that requires stylistic cohesion and is aimed at the same group of viewers.

  • Don’t exaggerate

Try to be frank while describing your offer. If the things you write are exaggerated and don’t work out in even 90%, your website will lose the trust and respect once and for all.

  • Don’t change standard lines

Customers have some shopping habits developed. Therefore, you can’t introduce fancy substitutes for messages such as “Contact us” or “Order,” especially if you place them on CTA buttons. Such an attempt might confuse the customer and dissuade them from taking an action.

4. Build trust

  • Spell properly

Grammatical and linguistic mistakes will make you look incompetent in the eyes of the customers. If they conclude that you haven’t devoted enough time to prepare a great text, they will think that it won’t pay to devote time to you and the purchase of your products.

  • Stick to the obvious

Don’t be afraid to reach out a helpful hand to your customer and describe even the most obvious things for you, such as payments, deliveries or returns. If you explain the entire process of purchase in a simple way, the customers will surely place their orders with greater trust.

5. Go beyond the basics

  • Avoid boredom

Descriptions of your products can’t be boring; they should be interesting and inspiring enough to make everyone who sees them think that the product you have on offer is indispensable for them. However, one needs to make sure that the tone used is not too aggressive. We’re not about scaring the customer but making them use our offer.

  • Add a picture of the product

Copywriting is not all that matters. A well-written text that engages the readers will undoubtedly contribute to an increase of sales. However, most of us are visualizers and adding a photo depicting your product will certainly attract the viewer’s attention.

Remember that before you start creating your website or landing page you’d better prepare the texts earlier. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the contents shouldn’t undergo tests in order to bring the best results possible. In a nutshell, a choice of the best texts for a landing page goes hand in hand with A/B tests.

So, write better and sell more! 🙂

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