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Table of contents
Table of contents

The Agency plan is a type of an agency account dedicated especially for marketing agencies. It gives you access to the Landingi platform and enables you offer it to your clients under your own brand, including the logo and name.

Agency in Landingi – the basics

The Agency account is a solution that allows you to offer the Landingi platform and editor to your clients under your own label, without Landingi branding. Under the Agency plan, you can create subaccounts for particular clients and give them access to edit only chosen landing pages or to display them without editing.

As an owner, you can create subaccounts by adding an email with a password and then pass it on to your client. You decide which landing pages you want to share with particular clients (subaccounts) and optionally limit the maximum number of landing pages for individual subaccounts. You can also create a subaccount without an owner or a user. Your users are allowed to create subaccounts. You can create and edit subaccounts via API.

Read about subaccounts management and user management.

What can I personalize under the Agency plan?

  • you can create your own personalized login page with your name & logo. Your clients will be able to access the Landingi platform & editor under your own domain, e.g.,,
  • you can choose if your customers have access to the default templates library or your own custom templates (but not both),
  • you can customize the email address that will be the sender of notifications and the messages that are sent by the autoresponder,
  • you can add your own logo to the platform,
  • you can set your custom domain for the default (test) domain,
  • and you can customize your 404 page.

To learn more, read about Settings available for the Agency accounts.

What do I need to know before getting started?

Check our Agency FAQ and manual about Agency account configuration.


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