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Last updated: June 21, 2022 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents

InfoBar is a thin bar that appears at the bottom of the landing page every time the user visits it the first time (and as long as they won't close it with the X close icon). It consists of a text and a button. The bar must be defined for each landing page separately. You can use it to display information such as your privacy policy, new deals, or to promote your other services.

Privacy policy

If you want to redirect the user to your privacy policy, you need to create another landing page with the policy and link it to the InfoBar's button. You can publish the page to a URL with a path, for example (

Note: the path /policy is forbidden

Setting up the InfoBar

When the user clicks on the X close button, a cookie file called infobar-close (Necessary type) is saved in the browser and is valid for one month. This way, the users won't see the bar for the next month even if you re-enable the bar or edit it. 

1. Navigate to the Dashboard of your landing page and go to the InfoBar tab.

2. You can choose between dark and light themes. You can use either the text and the button (with the URL) or only one of them. 

3. Click on Enable. The InfoBar will be displayed on your landing page right away. There's no need to publish your landing page again. 

From now, when users click on the X close button, cookies will be saved in their browser.


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