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Table of contents
Table of contents

One of the additional options for landing page publication is publishing it as a Facebook Tab on your fanpage using Facebook Page Apps. Additional bookmarks will appear on the left menu on the fanpage.

Example of using the landing page as a Facebook tab:


LP as a FB tab can be used as a subscription to the newsletter. In this case, a simple landing page with the minimum amount of elements will work best.

What should I know about the FB tabs?

  • You cannot target campaigns (e.g. using Google Ads) to the fanpage tab.
  • The tab is visible only on the desktop view.

What do I need to place the landing page as a Facebook page?

  • Your fanpage must have a certain number of fans (> 2000), set by Facebook rules.
  • The domain of your landing page must have installed SSL certificate.

How to publish a landing page as a FB tab?

1. Log into your account on the Facebook for Developers page and enter My Apps -> Create App.


2. In the new window, enter the name for the new application (in this case: tab) in the Display Name field, give the contact email and then click Create App ID.


3. Go to the Settings tab -> Basic (1). Complete the mandatory Privacy Policy URL field (2) and select the Category (3). Then scroll the page and click the + Add Platform button (4).


4. Choose platform Page Tab.


5. Fill in the fields: (1) Secure Page Tab URL – please note that the address should start with “https: // …” – and Page Tab Name (the name of the tab that will appear on the fanpage). Page Tab Edit URL is optional. Click on Save changes (2).


6. If you want to publish your tab, change its status from OFF to ON in the upper right corner of the page.


7. Then copy the following address and fill it like in example below:

Copy the APP ID from the top of the page, and paste it in place of YOUR_APP_ID. In place of YOUR_URL, paste the full address of your landing page (starting with “https: // …”).

8. Paste the finished URL into a new browser tab. In the window that appears, select the fanpage to which you want to add the landing page, and then click the Add Page Tab button.

dodaj zakładkę do strony na fb

More details about publishing your own Facebook tab you can find here.


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