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Last updated: April 7, 2021 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents

If you plan a campaign on LinkedIn, setting the correct display of the link and the open graph protocol for the landing page are extremely important. It is worth defining them earlier and determining how the content you publish on the landing should display – this will allow for a potentially greater chance of getting leads.

I. How can I put a landing page link on LinkedIn?

1. Log in to your account in the Landingi platform, then go to the editor of the selected landing.

2. In the right side menu go to the Page Settings section (1), then click the Additional options (2) button.


3. Go to the Social share tab. Enter Title (1), description (2), upload post thumbnail (3) (must be at least 1200 x 630 pixels), then click Save and close.


4. Copy the link and place it on your LinkedIn page.

Important: remember that changes you make in the editor may be visible on LinkedIn within a few hours.

Sometimes, just after making changes in the editor, open graph may not display correctly. Then follow the steps below:

II. How can I refresh the open graph on LinkedIn?

1. Make changes to the post settings in the editor (1), then click Save and close (2) and publish the landing page.

2. Copy the landing URL and paste it into the POST INSPECTOR application. Then click Inspect.


3. You will see an updated post preview and detailed feedback along with any errors to improve in the meta data.


4. Go to the homepage on your LinkedIn profile. In the top panel go to the Me (1) section, then select the Posts & Activity tab (2) in the drop-down menu.


5. In the new window, click Posts. Find the previously published post you want to change and delete it.


6. Return to the main page on your profile. Select Start a post and paste the link to the updated post, then approve the publication by clicking the Post button.


Important: In case of refreshing the open graph, after making changes you will publish a new post, which is associated with the removal of the previous one, which collected a certain number of likes and shares. Keep this in mind when you decide to refresh the open graph.


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