Perfect Audience integration

Last updated: March 26, 2021 Written by: Patrycja Patrycja
Table of contents
Table of contents

Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform it helps you reach out to users who were previously interested in the product advertised on your landing page. It will help you determine the target group of potential customers who are most interested in your product. The first step is to install the JavaScript tracking tag.

Get the Perfect Audience tracking tag

1. Log in to your Perfect Audience account. Click on Manage (1), and then User Tracking (2).

2. You will see the JavaScript tracking code in a new window. Copy it.

Install the tracking tag in Landingi

1. Log in to your account on the Landingi platform and navigate to the Dashboard of your landing page.

You can also access the JavaScript codes section directly from the editor of your landing page.

2. Go to JavaScript Code (1). If you do not have any codes, click on Add script (2).

3. Type in a name (1). Paste the tracking tag (2), and select Body bottom (3) and Both (4). Click on Add.

4. Once you add the code, publish your landing page. Go to the editor and click on Publish.

5. Perfect Audience needs 6-8 hours to recognize the tracking tag.


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