Release notes 2019-01-14 – 2019-01-27

Last updated: January 14, 2019 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents


  • fixed broken Landingi logo in e-mails with leads

Have you ever gotten an email with lead and were thinking, where did our Landingi logo disappear? We fixed this problem and new emails from e-mail integration are properly branded with our Landingi image.

  • Improvements in SalesManago integration

Previously, some of our users could encounter problems with proper parameters passing while using Address field.  This issue has been solved by added additional fields to the integration. From now on, you have 4 separate fields for street, city, zip code and country, so all data is properly transferred to the SalesManago.

  • Fixed problem with displaying popups after duplication

Duplication is an easy way to make more popups, but it could have caused a problem with displaying the copies in some cases. We identified an error when creating a selector and copying the styles from the original pop-up, but to make the long story short – now you can duplicate your popups without worrying that something will get broken. Hurray!

Deleted features:

  • AmoCRM integration removed

Native integration with AmoCRM has been removed from our platform, due to lack of usage by our users. Looks like nobody will miss it, but in case you would need it one day, you can always integrate AmoCRM via Zapier.


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