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Adapt to changing conditions

Once you start working with the Landingi editor, you gain access to all sorts of tools to create a fully customizable landing page. Experiment with widgets, styles, layouts, colors, fonts etc. to choose the best overall look for your goal. Or, if you prefer, make use of our landing page templates and save time.

HR & Recruitment LP

Build your team spirit

Give your candidates a clear image of what lies ahead and encourage them to follow this path. You can embed videos with company presentation or use photos with descriptions. Present employees and their stories to give candidates an idea of what it’s like to work in your organisation.

HR & Recruitment funnel

Give clear directions

Usually, a landing page leads to only one call-to-action to keep the reader focused on fulfilling a single goal.
However, you can connect landing pages to form a funnel and lead users through different pages. For example, you can create a path leading from the complete list of current job offers up to a specific one and then analyse the traffic and click-through rate.

Custom Domain

Keep consistently high quality

Assign the landing page to your own custom domain to keep the professional look on both your website and job offer landing pages. You can set up a domain in just a few steps following instructions in our Help Center. No need to bother your IT department.

300+ landing page templates  

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