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Solutions for C-Level executives who seek reliable and scalable marketing infrastructure and personalized conditions of cooperation. Reach your business development objectives, optimize work in your marketing departments and resell Landingi solutions to expand the scope of services offered to your clients.
  • Landing page platform you can resell to your clients
  • Corporate marketing solutions
  • Custom integrations for you, your team and clients
  • Individual support and SLA
  • Training by a team of experts who will help you with implementation
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landing page editor for enterprise customers

We support your activities to scale your business

Expand your scope of services

We know how to design high-converting landing pages for your industry that help to build a better relationship with your clients. How about you share this possibility with your clients as well?

Sell value-added products

Thanks to the white-label option and the ability to create subaccounts, you can resell access to Landingi and make it easier for your clients to promote their businesses online. Create a complete solution for your customers to help them run their own marketing campaigns, design landing pages, promote their business, or gather leads.

Scale your leading enterprise effectively

Give your own marketing department an opportunity to work smarter, not harder. The Landingi platform makes marketing campaign creation faster and allows the team to react to your market’s needs almost immediately – good-looking landing pages can be created in less than an hour. Custom integrations will help your company work at scale on numerous campaigns and optimize them to get the best results possible.

Improve and outperform

Simple and clear conditions of cooperation, Personal Consultant, and the finest quality of our services will enhance running your digital marketing campaigns at every stage. You can also order additional copywriting, design and banner services that serve as an extension of your visual identity or provide a breath of fresh air in your company.

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