Adding Popups to your Shopify store

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2019

You can publish your popup created in our platform on your Shopify store, following the steps below.

Important: you can add a popup only to the theme that has a possibility to add a source code. If you are not sure whether this action is possible on your current theme, please, contact the Shopify customer support.

How to add Popups to Shopify store?

1. After creating the popup in an editor, decide, where it will be displayed by clicking + Add External Pages (1):


2. Write an URL address of your Shopify store (2), then click Save. During the next steps you will be able to set the appropriate display rules for your popup.


3. After setting the display rules, click Publish now.


4. Copy the automatically generated code that will be responsible for displaying the popup.


5. Go to your Shopify account. In the left side bar click Online Store.


6. Click Themes. On the right, for your template, select Actions (1), then Edit code (2).


7. In theme.liquid tab (<1doctype html>), to thesection, paste the previously generated code. Remember to add it before thetag is closed.


8. When you paste the code, click Save.

After completing these steps, check if the popup is active on your store’s website.

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