Advanced popups – an edition


Advanced popups are available in Automate, Suite, Consultant, Agency and Agency Pro plans.

How to create a new popup?

1. Go to Popups tab and click on Create new Popup button.

2. Name your popup and click Start editing.


After creating a new popup, you can go to its re-editing by clicking
Edit on the list of all the popups, or from the Dashboard level of a particular popup by clicking Edit button.

3. Create the popup in a similar way as you edit your landing pages. More about how to use the editor’s elements you will find here.

Widgets (A) available during editing the popup are Text, Image, Icon, Box, Button, Form, Counter, and HTML. In comparison to the landing page editor here there are no video and section widgets. The popup, like a landing page, has the desktop (B) and the mobile (C) views. On the right side, there are Popup settings (D) where you can change the default font and the background.

IMPORTANT: There is no possibility to add your own JavaScript codes to the popup.


Popup has only one section, but you can adjust its length using blue arrows at the bottom edge (1). Closing button (2) is a permanent popup element – you can change its position, size, color, and icon.


5. Adjust the main page and the thank you page where the user will be redirected after filling out the forms – separately for the desktop and the mobile views.

6. When you complete editing the popup, click on Next button (if it is your first edition before the publishing) on the upper left corner of an editor to move to display rules or Save & Close if you edit it again.

To learn more about the new popups’ features, you might check the following manuals: display rules or statistics and leads.

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