Affiliate Program FAQ

Last Updated: 14 May 2020

How does the Affiliate Program work?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program. After joining you will get your own affiliate link to our platform. When someone clicks on the referral link and completes a purchase, you get a commission.

How do I join the Landingi Affiliate Program?

If you want to join our affiliate program, first of all, you have to set up an account with Landingi. In your panel, you can find the Affiliate Program tab, choose your commission plan, fill in the short form, accept the regulations and that’s it. Your unique referral links can be found at the top of the screen.

Will I still get a commission if my referral comes back later to make a purchase?

The cookies last for 365 days. This means that your referral has a whole year to complete the purchase for which you will get a commission afterwards.

However, when a user signs up to Landingi platform through another partner referral link, he or she will get a new cookie from this partner and the new partner will get the commission.

What commission do you offer?

You can choose one of three commission plans:

  1. a) a 30% discount for your customers,
  2. b) a 15% commission for you and a 15% discount for your customers,
  3. c) a 30% commission for you.

You can see the commission balance in our panel. If your client completes a purchase for a period longer than one month, the commission is calculated proportionately (e.g. if your client pays in advance for 12 months, your commission balance increases 1/12 of the commission for the next 12 months).

Remember, that by joining the Affiliate Program you will be obliged to observe the Regulations as well as to refrain from: granting a discount for subscribing to a Landingi account for personal use for an account set up with an email address different from the one used when registering in the program.

When do I get paid?

You can request a withdrawal when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. That amount depends on the number of paid customer accounts acquired with your referral link. See the table below:

Number of paid client accountsMinimum withdrawal amount in PLN
1750 PLN
2-5350 PLN
5+100 PLN
Number of paid client accountsMinimum withdrawal amount in USD
1200 USD
2-5100 USD
5+25 USD
Number of paid client accountsMinimum withdrawal amount in EUR
1200 EUR
2-5100 EUR
5+25 EUR
Number of paid client accountsMinimum withdrawal amount in GBP
1200 GBP
2-5100 GBP
5+25 GBP

If you don’t manage to get the right number of customers to make the withdrawal after 12 months from acquiring the first paid customer, you can withdraw the commission regardless of the number of acquired paid customers if the balance amount equals at least 25 USD / 25 EUR / 25 GBP / 100 PLN.

Can I change my commission plan?

After joining the affiliate program you can’t change the commission plan. If you want to have another commission plan, you have to set up another account on Landingi (with another email address) and sign up for the affiliate program again.

Do I have to pay for a Landingi account to participate in the program?

No! You can participate in the Landingi affiliate program using the trial version and after its expiration, without the need to pay for the subscription.

What happens if my referral requests a refund for the order?

In the event that your referral gets a refund for the order, your commission amount for that particular transaction will be removed.

What is the difference between ‘Obtained/Reffered accounts’ and ‘Active accounts’?

‘Obtained accounts’ shows the number of all accounts that were created through your referral link, ‘Active accounts’ shows how many of them are currently paid.

Why do I have 2 referral links?

One link directs to the registration page, the other to the main page. You can use them alternatively, they work the same.

Is the commission recurring?

Yes, you will keep making money as long as your referred users stay with Landingi.

Who should I contact when I have questions about Affiliate Program?

Have any questions about the Affiliate Program? Contact Alexa on

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