Agency Pro account configuration


To set up an Agency Pro account, the account owner needs to provide some necessary data and resources to Landingi team.


Four, dedicated subdomains are required.

Our tool is divided into two, separate components:

  • the application (for managing your landing pages, sub-accounts, domains, leads, etc.)
  • the editor (for creating the landing pages).

The third domain is required to create a redirection to Landingi. That redirection will be used only by your own users, and it will not allow them to see Landingi in that redirection.
For the two components, you need two different subdomains. Subdomains have to be redirected to our servers. Let us imagine that you have a domain ‘’. You need to create two CNAME records for two subdomains on your DNS settings and redirect it to, the subdomains can look like in the below example:

1) CNAME  ->

2) CNAME ->

3) CNAME ->

4) CNAME ->

Please notice, that the “cname” subdomain is redirected to


We will install, recommended by us, free Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate to your domain, which covers all subdomains in your * domain.
If you have your own certificate – let us know about it via chat.

Visual customisation

It is also possible to customize the appearance of the login page, that allows your own users logging into the application (and the editor, as it is accessed inside the app). The login page scheme is presented below:


All marked above elements can be customized. Doing so requires providing the following resources to Landingi development team:

  • a logo image (.png)
  • a favicon file (.ico, .png, .jpg)
  • header color for the login page
  • background color for the login page
  • the form box color
  • the form button color
  • the form button text color
  • the hyperlinks color

All the colors should be delivered in hex format.

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