AnyMeeting integration


AnyMeeting is a provider of web conferencing and webinar services. Integration is possible via Zapier.

  1. Firstly you have to sign up onĀ (on basic version it’s free of charge).
  2. Instruction below shows how to integrate Landingi form with Zapier:
  3. When the form is connected with Zapier, add AnyMeeting as the next Zapier step.
  4. Go to “Account” tab, then “Integrations” card and click GENERATE NEW API KEY.

5. Go back to Zapier, find AnyMeeting application and choose “New webinar registration”.


6. Save, and in the next step click on “Connect an account”.


A window will appear, enter the Api Key from AnyMeeting system, then save.

7. Then you will have to connect form fields with appropriate fields in AnyMeeting system.

You need 4 fields for proper integration:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • webinar Code

You can find the Webinar Code in the link to the webinar,


add it as a hidden field in the form.


Remember that fields matching is based on attribute name.

8. After publishing you landing page and finishing proccess in Zapier, your leads will be shown as a webinar members in AnyMeeting panel.

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