Box options

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2019

Boxes are the elements thanks to which you can divide your landing page on parts. They are useful while adding the background under other elements what improves their exposition. How to use them?

1. Drag the Box widget from the left side and drop on your landing page:


2. After dropping the widget you will see the options that you can manage on the right side or using icons from the blue bar on the box:

  1. Size options (you can change it also by dragging the points on the box frame);
  2. ID and class options as well as the option of displaying it on a selected views;
  3. Style options – background selection, frames, rounded corners and adding the shadow.

On the blue bar on the box widget there are icons thanks to which you can:

  • duplicate the landing page;
  • change layers;
  • delete it.
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