Box options


The boxes are elements, that help you to adjust your landing page visually, dividing it into parts.
With boxes you can improve the content presentation on your landing page.
It has significant impact for the conversion.

1. To add a box to your landing, drag the “Box” widget from the left panel.
Once you did it, drop it to the editor,

Box options

2. After dropping the box, you will see the options that you can manage on the right side of the panel or using the blue ribbon on the box:

(1). Widget size options (you can also change it by dragging ‘dots’ on the box),
(2). Box position relative to the page,
(3). When you click on the “Advanced” button, you can assign there the widget class and disable/enable widget display on the views below,
(4). Box appearance options – background selection, borders, border radius, shadows.

Box options

On the blue ribbon, options box is displayed. There are a few icons, that you can use to:

  • Move widget to another location,
  • Enter the widget options (pencil icon),
  • Lock the widget,
  • Remove element,
  • Go to our Knowledge Base where you can find many articles about working with our application.

Boxes are very useful when you want to add background to other items on your landing, in order to increase their exposure.

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