InfoBar with Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 21.10.2019

InfoBar is a thin bar displayed on the bottom of the landing page whenever a new user visits the page. You can place information about cookies on it.

An example InfoBar informing about cookies in the Landingi platform.


How to make an InfoBar with Cookie Policy?

1. Go to Dashboard > Settings of the chosen landing page and then enter the InfoBar tab.

2. Choose the InfoBar look from the two available themes (1). We recommend the dark theme for a landing page with a bright design and light theme for a landing page with dark design.

In the Text field (2) insert the information which you want to display on InfoBar.

Optionally, you can add the URL address of full Cookie Policy, if it was published on another website or landing page in our platform. Add the proper text on the button, like ‘Learn more’ (3). The user will be redirected to the given URL after clicking on the button.


TIP: You can publish a separate landing page with Cookies Policy under your own domain.

3. After editing, click Enable.

From now, the InfoBar with your Cookie Policy will be enabled on your landing page. To edit the InfoBar settings and content, click Disable, make changes and Enable it again.

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