Counter options

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019
  • To add this widget, drag and drop counter from left panel of editor,
Counter options
  • Start editing it, by clicking the pencil icon at the blue ribbon,
Counter options
  • Choose a counter template from “Templates” tab,
Counter options
  • Set the options of a counter in “Settings” tab:

1 – Shows currently used template,

2 – Choose the counter labels you want to display. Click checkbox to do so,

3 – Changes the label fonts, font size and colors,

4 – Select if the counting should repeat automatically after the countdown date,

5 – Choose the countdown date (the date when counter will stop counting),

6 – Changes the digits fonts, font size and color.

Counter options

You may see the counter working only after publishing landing page or in a preview. You can not see the counting in the editor.

The counter will be zeroed according to a visitor’s device timezone.


The maximum number of days, which counter can count down to is 99 days.

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