Custom thank you page


You can redirect your users to another, custom thank you page/conversion page by using simple javascript code. It can be another landing page created in Landingi platform or different site.

How to redirect user to custom thank you page?

1. Copy the snippet of code visible below and replace the exemplary URL with the proper address of your page.

window.location.href = "";

2. In Landingi app, go to Dashboard -> Javascript Code ofthe chosen landing page, and add a new script.

3. Name your new script and paste the code. It’s best to insert this code from above on the conversion page inside the Head of the page. Save the changes and make sure that your code is enabled.

Custom thank you page

For a short period of time the default thank you page will be loaded, because the script which redirects users to the custom conversion page needs to be activated on that default thank you page. For better visual effect, you can leave in the editor the default thank you page blank or place there a loading gif.

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