Duplicating landing pages

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2019

Duplicating landing pages allows you to create the copy of the selected landing page. It is useful when you want to create the landing page with similar appearance.

1. Log into your Landingi account. Then, go to the Landing Pages tab.


2. In the list of the landing pages choose the landing that you want to copy. Click Duplicate on the expanded menu on the right side.


3. You will see the window with the space to enter the name of the selected copy. By default it will be included as the landing name – copy. Clicking on Create copy & Close you will go back to the list of the landing pages where the new, saved copy will appear. If you want to go right to the edition, click Start Editing.


If you want to make a change on the landing page without losing previous versions, you do not have to worry about that – audit log is saved automatically and you can go back to it at any time. More about audit logs you will find in this manual.

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