Embed a landing page on your server


If you do not want to use the hosting option provided by Landingi, you can embed the landing page on your own server.

How to embed a landing page on your server?

1. Go to the Actions tab or click on more option of the chosen landing page on the list in-app, then select Embed on server from the drop-down menu.

Embed a landing page on your server

2. Save the generated ZIP file and extract it on your disk.

3. Upload the extracted PHP file to your server via FTP client, and place it in the appropriate folder, just like any other website file.


  • Generating the PHP file does not mean that the entire site, including its content, HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, etc. Is placed in the generated file – it will only contain references to the relevant resources so that it can be shared under your own domain.
  • Landing editing continues to require the use of our editor, and the expiration of your Landingi account will result in your landing being no longer available to users – even when placed on your server.
  • Modifying landing in the editor is done exactly the same way as before generating the PHP file. Saving made changes requires the use of “Publish”, however,  you do not need to generate the file again and re-embed it on your server. The changes on the landing page will be visible online up to 60 minutes after publication.
  • Using the following method means that you do not have to to redirect your own domain by adding the appropriate DNS records, but you need to install the SSL certificate on your side.
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