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Last Updated: 28 Jan 2020

If you want to add Facebook Like and Share buttons to your landing page, follow these steps:

1. In your browser, copy the URL address of your landing page where you want to place the Like and Share buttons.

2. Go to the Facebook button configurator page, paste the link into the URL address.


3. Set what your button should look like from the available options in the configurator.


4. Click the Get code button and copy the first part of the code without the <div> </div> tags.


5. Log in to the platform and go to the Landing Pages tab. Go to the Dashboard of the landing page where you want to put the Like and Share buttons, then go to the JavaScript Codes tab and click Add Code.

6. Place the code on the head position on the page after conversion and save the changes.


7. Return to the configurator and copy the second part of the code.


8. In the editor, select the HTML widget and move it to your landing page. Double-click it or the Edit tab and paste the second part of the code into the Add your own HTML code field. Click Save and close.

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