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Last Updated: 22.02.2019

Add the landing page link on the Facebook

The correct landing link and open graph placement are very important if you are planning a campaign on Facebook. The post appearance (eg. a description and a thumbnail) can be changed at any time in the editor, but the changes seen on the Facebook will be delayed, sometimes for several hours. This is due to the fact that a special Facebook application scans the link settings, then changes the display of the thumbnail if it has been swapped for another.

1. Launch the editor and open the settings of a landing page.


2.Select the “Facebook” tab and enter your settings. The thumbnail (open graph) of the post should have the exact dimension of 1200 px at 630 pixels. Save changes.


3. Publish your landing page, even if it has already been published.


4. Copy the link and paste it to your Facebook wall.

Make sure how displays your link and its open graph (thumbnail image).
You can paste the link on a wall as “Only for me”. 
If everything is displayed properly, change the settings of your post to the “Public”.


Refreshing the open graph

Sometimes, an open graph can be displayed incorrectly, eg. in the case where the contents and thumbnail links of the landing page have been changed in the editor. The changes that have been made in the editor does not appear immediately in a post on the Facebook.

Usually, you will need to wait sometime (from several minutes to several hours) for the open graph at Facebook will refresh – this is due to the fact that a special Facebook application will scan link and its settings, as I wrote above.
However, if you want the open graph and link to be changed immediately, follow the instructions below.

Using the method presented below ultimately forces you to delete the incorrectly displayed link on a Facebook wall and replace it with a new one. This means that you will lose all previous like and share for this particular link on the wall.

1. Launch editor. Make changes to the settings in post settings, save changes and publish your landing page.


2. Copy the link to your landing page and paste it into Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger. 


3. Click on “Fetch new scrape information”.
4. Click “Show existing scrape information” and check if everything is correct
5. In the new window select the settings of your post and click “Post on Facebook”.


6. Return to the wall of Facebook with your posts. It will include two posts: old – incorrect and new – correct. Delete unnecessary post.

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